Album Review: Pernicion – “Seek What They Sought” (EP)

Pernicion - Seek What They Sought

It would seem that Pernicion come from a long line of no bullshit, balls out, death metal lineage. And on their latest EP Seek What They Sought, the band seek (no pun intended) and destroy. Now, when discussing what constitutes ‘no bullshit’ there’s many different avenues to be considered but the biggest here: this band is no frills, no showboating, no solos and no overdubs. It’s just go in there, roll on it, and record it. Period. And respect to them for pulling it off so damn well.

Pernicion is a duo comprised of Anil Carrier (live Anaal Nathrakh, Binah, No More Room In Hell) and Dan Benton (no kin to Glen) which after listening to Seek What They Sought comes as a surprise that just two people could come up with such an uncompromising sound – duos are fabulous so this really shouldn’t be a surprise. “Summoning” is exactly what its title suggests: let’s summon the devil through some of the most evil and aggressive death metal we can conjure. And “The Darkness Comes” is a litmus test in how much slow battery the mind can take. But still, absolutely zero theatrics and zero bullshit – this is straight ahead Mad Max style death metal.

“Tome” and “Desecration” follow suit but don’t take that as the band sitting back on their laurels and doing the same ol’ same ol’. Each track here offers enough variance to keep fans of Incantation, Immolation, Deicide, et al a chance to dive in and wet their fangs with new blood. It’s classic yet fresh, old yet new, and heavy as all hell and really, what more can we ask? It feels honest, sincere and in its own way, one of the reasons death metal is still as devastating today as it was when Possessed penned Seven Churches or when Death shocked the world with Scream Bloody Gore. And before you @ me with your lamentations, this is not a comparison. It’s a statement of how this band is keeping death metal barbaric and uncompromising, just the way it was intended.


Any band that approaches this genre with the level of genuineness that Pernicion has on Seek What They Sought is refreshing to say the least. And seeing as this is just an EP, the sky is their only limit on a full length and even that won’t be able to confine them if they stay true to this collection of tracks.

– Josh

Seek What They Sought will be available February 22 on Osmose Productions. For more information on Pernicion, visit their Facebook page.

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