The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Devin Townsend was March 2019’s Album of the Month!

It’s almost as if we kinda know what we’re doing! Like an elephant bashing the drums with a gorilla on guitar, the Album of the Month series continues its ramshackle adventure into the heart of metal, this time crowning Devin Townsend and his solo opus Empath as our Album of the Month selection for March 2019!

devin townsendOnce again it’s (almost) all hands on deck as Chris, Hera, Dan, Jon, and Anton jump into the twisted journey that is Hevy Devy’s latest offering, out now through Inside Out Records. Much is made about Empath’s sonic summation of Townsend’s career to date, and the gang wander into many different corners of the man’s creative powers. We talk about genre mashing, the many, many guests on the record (Chad Kroeger, really? Yes!), the question of where someone who has been as unfettered creatively as Townsend goes next, and we even take some time to talk about other albums that rocked the boat in the month of March.

All that plus more tangents, asides and rambling anecdotes than you can shake a stick at! So jump on in and enjoy the hijinks. Better yet, head on over to your service of choice and give Empath a listen, too!

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In the meantime, keep it heavy and we’ll see you next month!

– Chris

Empath is available now from Inside Out Records.  For more information on Devin Townsend check out his website and Facebook page.

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