Profile: The Grand Abominators Botis


PA based Botis will be independently releasing their debut full length, Grand Abominations, on July 26 and it’s a beast of an album full of thrashy attitude, frenetic black metal, and some truly wicked guitar work. Definitely one you’ll want to get your hands, and ears, on. As you’ll read below, the membership here shares with progressive power metallers Lör which makes it all the more interesting to hear this vicious twist. Just ahead of this barnburner hitting the general public, we had the opportunity to ask them our set of Profile questions so head below to see how it all went down. Be sure and grab a copy while you’re at it, links are contained within.

Botis - Grand Abominations 

How did you first get into playing music, and have you achieved the level of success that you hoped for?

We all come from very different musical backgrounds. Some of us have had more formal training early in life while others started playing later and are mostly self-taught. We have no idea what the reception of our first full-length release will be like, but releasing an album that we are truly proud of is plenty to be satisfied with.

What’s the most you have ever debased yourself to get your band onto a show, into a magazine or otherwise promoted, covered, and praised? (If you don’t have a story, please tell us any funny/embarrassing story.)

We’ve learned from plenty of mistakes in past projects, but early on we couldn’t resist trying to hop on a “desirable” show run by a promoter who is notorious for booking too many bands on a single bill and requiring physical tickets to be sold. I wrote somewhat of an essay-length email imploring this person to let us promote through more effective means than begging our friends in person to come see us play 1st of 7. We ended up making a compromise and we played what actually ended up being a fun show. We are too old for any of that nonsense now.

What do you see as some of the great things happening in metal and what are some of the worst things happening inside the scene right now?

I’ve been excited to see some interesting mixed-genre bills pop up in Philadelphia. I think this is a great way to expose new ears to the genre. I honestly do not have many complaints about the scene, other than the fact that some of our favorite bands don’t get the credit that they deserve.

It seems that now everyone has a passion for some cause and that those people are very open about displaying their passions. This is probably a very, very good (and progressive) thing socially. What are some of the most important issues (social/political/humorous/etc.) for you and how do you insert those issues into your music?

I’m stealing this answer from when Lör was asked this question. The same principle applies: “We don’t explicitly express our social and political views through our music. If we do, it is buried in metaphor. We try to write escapist music and feel as if incorporating real world issues would take away from the atmosphere we create. We don’t like nazis though just to be clear.”

What, or who, got you into metal and how old were you? How did your family take the news?

My former bandmates in Lör got me into metal. Specifically, Peter Hraur (Lör guitarist and Botis vocalist) and Tyler Fedeli (Lör vocalist) asked me to join the band before I had actually started listening to the genre. My family has been overwhelmingly supportive by going to dozens of my gigs and actually enjoying some of the bands that are pretty freakin’ inaccessible.

What advice do you have for aspiring music critics and outlets out there? How can we all better serve the genre in the eyes of a hard-working musician?

I’m not in a position of authority on the matter, but I generally enjoy more longwinded analysis of a record or song rather than a surface level rating or news item. I guess my advice is lean into what you are passionate about and dive as deep as possible.

What’s your goal? You guys thinking world domination? Maybe saving a continent? Maybe invading one? Any interest in starting a cult? Do you guys have day jobs or hobbies you want to share? Whatever it is, please let us know.

Making movies, making songs, and fightin’ round the world.

When you’re not obsessing over your own material, what are some of your favorite albums to listen to currently? (Feel free to include non-metal)

Daughters newest record, You Won’t Get What You Want, is an absolute monster. It’s drenched in anxiety and totally transports me. I always recommend Thantifaxath’s Sacred White Noise to almost anyone I’ve discussed metal with over the last few years. We are also very much inspired by the music and work ethic of some of our friends including Cleric, In The Presence of Wolves, Alustrium, John Frum, Parius, Bangladeafy, Countdown From Ten, Malevich, Basilysk, Hallucinogenic Bulb, and Serpent Blight.

What is the 12-month outlook for you or your band? Any specific events on the horizon that the masses should be aware of?

More gigs, more releases, and perhaps one day a cover of the great Eddie Murphy’s “Party All The Time.”

Summarize your band in exactly one word. (Disclosure: If you include additional words, we will select our favorite for publication)


Many thanks to Botis for their time!

Grand Abominations will be available July 26 on the band’s Bandcamp page. For more information on Botis, visit their Facebook page

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