CURSED IMAGERY: The Week in Album Art (August 30, 2019)

cursed imagery

End of August already? Good lord. I hardly know where the time’s going anymore. Nevertheless, it’s late at night on Thursday because I put this off a bit, and — of course, and probably due to my tardiness — there’s a tremendous load of album art to dig into this week. We’ve got seven featured here in this post, and it could easily have been twice that amount, but for the lateness of the hour. So, let’s not waste any further time!

Essence of Datum — Spellcrying Machine

Not only do I not dislike this thing, I actively love it. Why’s it being featured in our column, then? Mainly because this creature almost reminds me of something you’d see in the indie video game, Hollow Knight, but with more Satan. And thus, I love it. Good job, Essence of Datum!

Facelift Deformation — Cybernetic Organism Atrocities

I can’t adequately put into words how much I love this thing. First up, what a logo! Very clearly wishes it was more illegible than it actually is, but points on points on points for the effort. Secondly, do not wanna fuck with whatever that Matrix-esque spider creature at the forefront is. Finally, there are pinks and purples in here! Love that there’s cybernetic spiders and facelift deformities and whatever the hell else brutal death stuff going on here, and they still work those bright colors into the image — and do so well! All in all, tremendous.

Gallows Pole — This is Rock

And there’s the ridiculousness we know and love. Having two albums in a row that I unabashedly enjoyed was just too many. Luckily, Gallows Pole were happy to oblige with an all-too-on-the-nose slab of…literal thinking. (You thought I was gonna say “rock” didn’t you? You definitely did.) In a way, it’s pretty perfect that this thing drops just a week after Freedom Call’s M.E.T.A.L. Good of the bands to let us turn our brains off a bit.

Imperium Dekadenz — When We Are Forgotten

At first glance, I thought we had another Mariusz Lewandowski piece on our hands for this one. But nope! Turns out Imperium Dekadenz tapped Spaniard Álex Tedín — who has his own extensive collection of covers drawn and also makes music! — for this piece. Regardless of who drew it, this owns. I am almost as excited for it as I am for new Imperium Dekadenz music. Almost.

Sadokist — Necrodual Dimension Funeral Storms

Are my eyes just failing me — not entirely unlikely given the amount of time I spend reading digital charts at work — or does the Sadokist logo look…strangely pixelated? Also, the image itself…I mean, this looks like a doodle you do in your school notebook to distract yourself during physics class. (And I’d know; I did quite a few. Because good god, physics sucked.)

Insurrection — Circles of Despair

Another cover that I’m fully here for. Insurrection’s logo has degrees from both the Sinister and Master schools of logo design, which are never bad places to cut your teeth. Plus, the contrast of the bright red mountains with the dark blue sky is really striking. The crows…I’m not sure I understand. But, all the other stuff! That’s where Circles of Despair really makes its money.

Putrid Womb — Slam Induced Priapism

So, this one made me lol hard. At a quick glance, the cover is…fine? Seems pretty par for the course for the type of brutal death band we’re dealing with here. But what really got me was the title. Slam Induced Priapism. For those unaware, priapism is a medical term meaning…ah, there it is…

“a condition in which a penis remains erect for hours in the absence of stimulation or after stimulation has ended”

-Wikipedia (Only the best sources for MY column.)

Oh yeah, this giant, bloodied mucoid creature does have a raging hard-on! I missed that at first. Got caught up in all the slam induction and didn’t notice the priapism. Silly me.

Anyway, that’ll do it for this week! Check back this time next week for more album art ridiculousness!


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