CURSED IMAGERY: The Week in Album Art (October 4, 2019)

cursed imagery

Quick one this week, for two reasons. First, it is literally 6:00 AM as I write this, and I’m doing so after an overnighter at work. Second, most of the new stuff albums dropping this week have, at the very least, unmemorable album covers. NOT THE CASE with the four we present to you here. One good, three…less good. So, let’s jump in!

Toxic Holocaust — Primal Future: 2019

Let’s start with the good! Joel Grind & Co. are back with full-length no. 6, and good gawwwwwwd does this band get my aesthetic. One of the gnarliest logos in metal today, coupled with a synthwave-af album cover and cyber-trooper centerpiece? Take all my money now, Mr. Grind. Take it.

Anoxia — To the Lions

“What if Dance of Death, but with war princesses and lions?”

-Anoxia, presenting their concept to the cover artist, probably?

Wardress — Dress for War

First off: the guys in this band definitely say “get it?” to anyone and everyone they tell about this album. Second off: THAT FACE. MY DERP VIKING IS AN AWESOME DERP VIKING.

Tassack — Mega…Dożynki

I don’t have any clue what “Mega… Dożynki” means in English. I do know, however, that this fourth-grade art class-quality drawing of, um… sheep slaughter? alien abduction? Head fron KoRn tending to a bale of hay? …made me chuckle to no end. So hat’s off to these Polish thrashers for that, at least!

That’ll do it for this truncated edition. Stay tuned for another full-length next week, when I’m on a bit more sleep!


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