Initial Descent: October 20 – 26, 2019


Went on a ghost walk last night and even though we didn’t run into any, it did make me think about Ken Foree’s iconic line in the also iconic 1978 Dawn of the Dead film “When there’s no more room left in hell, the dead will walk the earth.” In my estimation, we’ve got to be hurtling towards max capacity down there. Soooo, food for thought and I’ll leave it at that. But before you think on that too much, dive into this new list of metal we’ve got up for grabs – that’s why we’re here so let’s burn it down…

Atlanta’s Cloak offer up their second full length and it betters their debut with larger than life rock swagger, seedier gothic undertones, deeper hooks, and blacker black metal – Cloak rules. Period. Speaking of ruling, Vastum does it again on their filthy, debauchery filled fourth death metal expedition, Texas based Cleric bring even more filthiness with their second full length of classic sounding Swe/Fin/Dutch inspired death metal, and the absolutely electrifying heavy metallers Savage Master are back with their third epic concoction. You need all of these and there’s still a ton more to follow, GET SOME.

Cloak - The Burning Dawn

Cloak – The Burning Dawn (Season of Mist) – goth n’ black n’ roll n’ metal

Vastum - Orificial Purge

Vastum – Orificial Purge (20 Buck Spin) – death metal

Cleric - Serpent Psalms

Cleric – Serpent Psalms (Redefining Darkness / Raw Skull) – death metal

Savage Master - Myth Magic and Steel

Savage Master – Myth, Magic & Steel (Shadow Kingdom) – heavy metal

Also on tap:

Alcest – Spiritual Instinct (Nuclear Blast) – blackgaze

Atomic Cretins – Spiritual Cancer (Suicide Bong Tapes) – thrash / black / punk

Blackthorne – S/T (Nefarious Industries / JEMS / 5nakefork / Damien) – extreme metal

Botanist – Ecosystem (Aural Music) – black metal

Cirith Ungol – I’m Alive, Double Live Album + DVD (Metal Blade) – heavy metal

Consumer – In Computers (The Flenser) – noise

Controversial – Revelation (Independent) – tech death

Cthonica – Typhomanteia: Sacred Triarchy of Spiritual Putrefaction (Clavis Secretorvm / Sentient Ruin) – black / death / doom

Coilguns – Watchwinders (Hummus) – noise / hardcore

Darvulia – Acte Dix: Demos (Nebular Carcoma) – black metal

Dawn Ray’d – Behold Sedition Plainsong (Prosthetic) – black metal

Denial of God – The Hallow Mass (Osmose / Hells Headbangers) – black metal

Effa Lente – An Appropriate Mourning Period (Independent) – prog metal

Enemynside – Chaos Machine (Rockshots) – metal

Exmortus – Legions of the Undead, EP (M-Theory Audio) – thrash

Goddess of Fate – The Orchard Gardener (Independent) – melodic death metal

Golgotha – Erasing the Past (Xtreem Music) – doom

Haystack – The Sacrifice (Dogma Repertory / Threeman Recordings) – noise rock

Horrocious – Depleted Light and the Death of Uniqueness (Osmose) – death metal

Hour of Penance – Misotheism (Agonia) – black / death

Imipolex – Order of the Epimethean Flame (Independent) – black / doom

Imperial Jade – On the Rise, Reissue (Listenable) – metal

Jinjer – Macro (Napalm) – prog metal

King Svk – New Æon (Sliptrick) – metal

Locket – All Out (Fearless) – metal

Lowcaster – Flames Arise (Ripple Music) – doom / heavy

Malevich – Our Hollow (Sludgelord / Fremen Death / Middle Man / Dead Red Queen) – black / death

Mayhem – Daemon (Century Media) – black metal

Meltdown – Dead Ringer (Rambo / Fifth Island / Sony) – metal

Metalite – Biomechanicals (AFM) – melodic metal

Millennium – A New World (Pure Steel) – heavy metal 

Moon Chamber – Lore of the Land (No Remorse) – heavy metal

Motörhead  – 1979, Box Set (BMG) – MOTÖRHEAD 

Mur – Brutalism (LADLO) – black metal

Noveria – Aequilibrium (Scarlet) – power metal

Ogre – Thrice as Strong (Cruz Del Sur Music) – doom metal

Orodruin – Ruins of Eternity (Cruz Del Sur Music) – doom

Petbrick – I (Closed Casket Activities) – industrial

Plateau Sigma – Symbols – The Sleeping Harmony of the World Below (Avantgarde Music) – doom

Runemagick – Into Desolate Realms (High Roller Records) – death metal

Selenite – Mahasamadhi (Seance) – doom / death

Sölicitör – S/T, EP Reissue (Gates of Hell) – thrash

South Class Veterans – Hell to Pay (Demons Run Amok) – hardcore

Taiwaz – The Uninvited Guest (Psykofarmaka) – heavy / doom

The Great Old Ones – Cosmicism (Season of Mist) – black metal 

The Lone Madman – Let the Night Come (Saturnal) – doom

The Scourge – Warrant for Execution (Seeing Red) – thrash 

The World Without Us – Incarnate (Independent) – metal

Throatsnapper – About the Dead (Consouling Sounds) – sludge / doom

Timelost – Don’t Remember Me For This (Golden Antenna) – noise / gaze

Tragic Death – Born of Dying Embers, EP (Independent) – apocalyptic metal

Tyrant Goatgaldrakona – Marquis of Evil, 7” (Blood Harvest) – death metal

Vamachara – Hereafter (Closed Casket Activities) – hardcore

Vision Divine – When All the Heroes Are Dead (Scarlet) – power metal

Voilet Cold – kOsmik (Tridroid) – black metal

We Lost the Sea – Triumph & Disaster (Translation Loss) – instru post-rock

Wolves Like Us – Brittle Bones (Pelagic) – metal

– Josh

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