The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Car Bomb’s Greg Kubacki on their new album “Mordial,” advantages of DIY, Metallica, and much more!

Car Bomb

Car Bomb is, in many ways, an anomaly in extreme metal. They’ve done things on their own terms for nearly twenty years now and with each new album they continue to push not only their own boundaries but the boundaries of extreme metal. The recently released Mordial is yet another shining example of pushing forward and even toppling their fantastic Meta from 2016. Progressive, mathy, grind, bombastic, are all tags that fit the band’s sound but still barely touch the totality of their capabilities and they showcase all of this and so much more on this new album. Head below to dig in.

On the heels of Mordial‘s release, guitarist and co-founder Greg Kubacki took some time to chat with Josh about the album’s development and how important being DIY has been for them over the years. They also spend some time on Metallica and Gojira, a recent trip to Germany’s Euroblast, a venture with Holy Roar Records, and a whole mess of other topics. This is their conversation — jump in and take listen!

Car Bomb - Mordial

Many thanks to Greg for his time!

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– Josh

Mordial is available now on the band’s Bandcamp page and Holy Roar Records. For more information on Car Bomb, check out their official website and Facebook page.

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