Initial Descent: January 19 – 25, 2020

midnight 2017

Last week I was reminded that it’s always the small things, the seemingly inconsequential details that usually make the biggest impact. So much so that I’m still thinking about it. Translation here: put an emphasis on the small things and little details, trust me. Any way, NEW METAL is why we’re here and this week is the first ridiculously memorable one of 2020 so take notes. Or just read and click. Whatever. Moving on, we’ve got raunchy and raucous new stuff from Midnight, caustic blackened noise from T.O.M.B., technical death metal (not tech-death) mastery from Defiled, and sweepingly epic experimental metal from Nero Di Marte. Get some.

Midnight - Rebirth By Blasphemy

Midnight – Rebirth by Blasphemy (Metal Blade) – black / speed

T.O.M.B. - Thin the Veil

T.O.M.B. – Thin the Veil (Dark Essence) – avant-garde metal

Defiled - Infinite Regress

Defiled – Infinite Regress (Season of Mist) – death metal

Nero di Marte - Immoto

Nero di Marte – Immoto (Season of Mist) – experimental metal

Also on tap:

Acid Mammoth – Under Acid Hoof (Heavy Psych Sounds) – doom

Aethyrick – Gnosis (The Sinister Flame) – black metal

Annihilator – Ballistic, Sadistic (Silver Lining) – thrash / heavy

Bohren & der Club of Gore – Patchouli Blue (Ipecac) – experimental

Caspian – On Circles (Triple Crown) – cinematic rock

Dead End Finland – Inter Vivos (Inverse) – melodic metal

Death.Void.Terror – To the Great Monolith II (Repose) – extreme metal

Dominia – The Withering of the Rose (Morning Star Heathens Music Group) – goth metal

Doomraiser – The Dark Side of Old Europa (Time To Kill) – doom

Elden – Nostromo (Fuzzorama) – heavy metal

Fear Is Dead – Assimilation (Independent) – metalcore [profile]

Frigoris – …in Stille (Hypnotic Dirge) – post-black metal

Grey Skies Fallen – Cold Dead Lands (Xanthos Music) – progressive metal

Hazzerd – Delirium (M-Theory Audio) – thrash

Jordablod – The Cabinet of Numinous Song (Iron Bonehead) – black / death

Kirk Windstein – Dream In Motion (eOne) – hard rock

Konvent – Puritan Masochist (Napalm) – death / doom

Kristian Harting – The Fumes (Exile On Mainstream) – avant / folk

Märvel – Märvellous (The Sign) – rock

Mono Inc. – The Book of Fire (SPV / NoCut and ADA / eOne) – power metal

Mortiis – Spirit of Rebellion (Omnipresence Productions / Dead Seed Productions) – dungeon synth

Necropsy – Exitus (Xtreem Music) – death / thrash 

Novelists FR – C’est La Vie (SharpTone) – prog metal

Pyogenesis – A Silent Soul Screams Loud (AFM) – melodic metal

Raphael Weinroth-Browne – Worlds Within (Independent) – cello metal

Revenant Marquis – Youth In Ribbons (Inferna Profundus) – black metal

Second Brain – The Mind Awakes (Independent) – death / thrash

Sometimes We Make Music – Trail of the Fallen (Independent) – symphonic metal

Surgical Strike – Part of a Sick World (Metalville) – thrash metal

Thoughts Factory – Elements (Melodic Revolution) – prog metal

Thy Catafalque – Naiv (Season of Mist) – avant-garde metal

Totenheer – Die Schwarze Spinne (Independent) – metal

Vananidr – Damnation (Purity Through Fire) – black metal

Worm – Gloomlord (Iron Bonehead) – doom

Xenos – Filthgrinder (Club Inferno Ent.) – thrash

Zifir – Demoniac Ethics (Duplicate) – black metal

– Josh

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