Initial Descent: March 15 – 21, 2020


Look here, it got real out there so everyone please stay safe and well and virus free. And stop HOARDING every damn thing in site. You know the family down the street barely making it by? Yea, that’s the one you’re hurting by being a dick and selling toilet paper and hand sanitizer for 10x face value. I don’t mean YOU, dear reader. Unless YOU have done this. Shame, for shame. Anyway, metal will keep you sane if ordered in the house so let’s get to this week’s list. Kansas City’s answer to damn near perfect sludge by way of hard hitting metal, Hyborian, are back and better than ever, Neck of the Woods show that being slightly progressive with a hint of metalcore and a lot of death metal can be a great thing when done right, Sweven — offshoot of Morbus Chron — have a debut album on tap that forces you to hear death metal through a partially acoustic lens, and it’s AMAZEBALLS, and Lucifer still rock in all the right occultish, 70s inspired, metal ways. Stay safe, well, and loaded with metal.

Hyborian - Vol II

Hyborian – Vol. II (Season of Mist) – metal

Neck Of The Woods - The Annex Of Ire

Neck of the Woods – The Annex of Ire (Pelagic) – death metal

Sweven - The Eternal Resonance

Sweven – The Eternal Resonance (Ván) – metal

Lucifer - Lucifer III

Lucifer – Lucifer III (Century Media) – metal

Also on tap:

Bad As – Crucified Society (Sliptrick Records) – metal

Brain Stem – Symptoms of Annihilation: Stage 2 (Independent) – experimental death metal

Caskets Open – Concrete Realms of Pain(Nine) – doom

Death On Fire – Ghost Songs(Independent) – death metal 

Ecnephias – Seven – The Pact of Debauchery (My Kingdom Music) – dark / doom / black

Escuela Grind – Indoctrination (Armageddon Label / To Live a Lie / RSR) – extreme

Fool’s Ghost – Dark Woven Light (Prosthetic) – metal

Grave T – Silent Water (Seahorse Recordings) – prog metal

Grift – Budet (Nordvis) – folk metal

Helion – The Great Fall (Revalve) – death metal

Hell Obelisco – Cyclopian (Independent) – sludge

Hemotoxin – Restructure the Molded Mind (Unspeakable Axe) – death / thrash

Leiru – Ido (Sun & Moon) – black metal

Lost Legacy – In the Name of Freedom (Pure Steel) – metal

Malokarpatan – Krupinské ohne (Invictus / The Ajna Offensive) – black metal 

Medico Peste – The Black Bile (Season of Mist Underground Activities) – black metal

Mord’A’Stigmata – Songs for the Exiles, Live at Roadburn 2019 (Pagan) – atmospheric black metal

Myrkur – Folkesange (Relapse) – black metal

Necro Chaos – Spiral of Obscurity (Helldprod) – death metal

Necrogosto – Ancestral Bestiality (Nuclear War Now! Productions) – extreme

Needful Things – Deception, Reissue (Give Praise) – grind

Neorhythm – Terrastory (Independent) – groove metal

New Primals – Horse Girl Energy (Learning Curve) – noise 

Nite – Darkness Silence Mirror Flame (Creator-Destructor) – heavy metal

O Zorn! – Your Killer (Seeing Red) – metal

Saltas – Mors Salis: Opus I(Nuclear War Now! Productions) – experimental death 

Satan’s Cross – Celebration of the Fallen (Sun & Moon) – black metal

Skull Crusher – Messiah, EP (Independent) – death metal

Soliloquium – Things We Leave Behind (Naturmacht Productions / Rain Without End) – death / doom

Svengali – Sayonara (Independent) – metal

Tethra – Empire of the Void (Black Lion) – melancholic death / doom

The Medea Project – Sisyphus (Independent) – gothic doom

Ulvdalir – Hunger for the Cursed Knowledge, EP (Inferna Profundus) – black metal

Various Artists – 4 Doors to Death Vol. II (Unspeakable Axe) – metal

Vectis – No Mercy For the Weak, EP (Helldprod) – black / thrash

Virocracy – Irradiation (Black Sunset / MDD) – prog death

Waltari – Global Rock (Metalville) – metal

Wardeamonic – Acts of Repentance (Transcending Obscurity) – black metal

– Josh

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