The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Metal Logo March… er, APRIL… Madness!

Nine Circles Audio Thing

Do you miss sports? Basket hoops and kicky foot…man, how have we gone a whole month-plus without those?

Well, some of the podcast crew here at Nine Circles misses sports, and others still are pretending to miss sports, so we decided to act on all that… missing… happening right now and create our own sports thing! Specifically, we made a March Madness-style bracket of 64 metal bands and decided to rank and eliminate them based on their logos.

Except it happened in April. And didn’t have nearly as sound a methodology as actual March Madness does. And didn’t involve any actual physical activity. But still, in these quarantined times, we’ve gotta lean on our kinda-sports for entertainment. Just like folks who watch ESPN 8: The Ocho.

Anyway! Dan, Buke, Corey and Chris got together and turned this half-cocked concept into probably our longest Audio Thing episode to date. Laughs? Many. Static? Much. Awkward pauses? ALMOST entirely edited out. But most importantly, a light-hearted conversation about a topic we all know and love, to break up the monotony of bleakness the novel coronavirus has draped over our lives? …maaaaaaaybe?

If you’ve got an hour — or two and 49 minutes — to spare, jump on in and take a listen. You might not regret doing so!

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