The Nine Circles Audio Thing: OUR take on the 2020 Name of the Year bracket!

On May 7, No. 1 overall seed Mathdaniel Squirrel cleaned up in the annual Name of the Year championship. The convicted carjacker from Topeka, KS, cleaned up not just the fan-voted tournament bracket, but also took top honors from the Name of the Year High Committee. It was a two-fer achieved only three times prior in the almost 40-year history of the tournament, by previous winners Vanilla Dong (2007), Taco B.M. Monster (2011) and Shamus Beaglehole (2014).

But was Squirrel the winner in the eyes of your Nine Circles staff? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Kick back and listen to a hilarious discussion of some even more hilarious names, as Dan, Chris, Buke and special guest Patrick Leyn — bassist in Pile of Priests — get together to pick their own winner. Each took on one of the NOTY regions and let the others decide on the matchups. Will Squirrel emerge victorious once more? Or will unheralded sleepers like Hannah Moody-Goo or Dudley Onderdonk steal our title? Jump on in and find out!

And when you’re done, make sure to check out the singles from Pile of Priests’ new, self-titled album, which drops this Friday!

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