The Third Circle of Bandcamp: April 2020 Edition

third circle of Bandcamp header

I have lost all track of time. It moves both fast and slow, leaving me confused about both the day of the week and the month. It’s still cold out where I am, yet it’s mid-May? Another thing that has caused me to lose track of time is April’s ridiculously stacked set of releases, which I’ve turned into a playlist that slaps and grooves and causes time to simply disappear. It’s a real banger, so I hope you are ready.

Buckle up, because we start with the title track from Ulcerate’s Stare Into Death And Be Still, which is a stunning genre-defying album people will still be talking about in 2030 (if we live that long). Then I hope you are ready for some whiplash because it’s straight into guitar-driven synthwave from Volkor X (another title track, no less) to get you bouncing. Slam on the brakes because now we have a slower psych build-up from Elder’s Omens, here to get you grooving and head-bobbing until those riffs hit, which is followed by more riffs from one of my favorite artists, A Pregnant Light, via an excerpt from his single-track 22 minute EP I and I. Now the energy ramps back up with a ridiculously catchy goth-rock tune from Lord Vigo which manages to evoke both the 80s and The Cure in equal measures. Catchy is the name of the game, because it’s also the case with a tune from the new Elephant Tree, who can always be relied on to make great stoner rock. But it’s time to wake the fuck up with a track from Thou & The Body’s 2018 Roadburn live set (which bends but doesn’t break the rules since it was released on Bandcamp in April), followed by some ignorantly heavy death metal from Funeral Leech. Finally, we wrap up with a bit of the ol’ avantgarde nowhere courtesy of Asofy, and then Oranssi Pazuzu gives us a dance party in hell to finish things off.

That’s April done, and though it’s more of the same for as far as the eye can see right now, hopefully you can at least stay sane through music.

Create this album for about $34, or buy all the albums for about $76. Support artists!

– Charles

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