The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Judicator was July 2020’s Album of the Month!

FIFTY EPISODES! HOLY CRAP! I wish we could say we had something special planned for this milestone, but nope…it’s just another round of The Nine Circles Audio Thing. The gang gets together for July’s Album of the Month: the blistering power metal opus Let There Be Nothing by USPM masters Judicator.  Buke managed to wrangle Ian, Angela, Vince, and – in a rare sighting – DAN! Who incidentally had the pick for the month!

judicator band 2020

As Buke points out, this might be the first time a power metal album got picked for AOTM, and it’s been a long time coming. Though your humble editor didn’t get a chance to join in the audio antics, he did write a rather glowing review of the record you can read here. The gang discusses their experiences with the genre, European versus American power metal, the boost in sonics now that they’ve moved to Prosthetic Records, and how Judicator continues to crush it in the vocal and guitar solo department.

All that and a “what else did we dig?” in July featuring copious amounts of praise for new label mates Rebel Wizard, among others. There’s no better socially distant pastime than getting your mask and headphones on and jumping in on the antics, so let’s go!

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In the meantime, keep it heavy and we’ll see you next month!

Let There Be Nothing is available now on Prosthetic Records.  For more information on Judicator check out their Facebook page.

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