Album Review: Devil’s Witches — “Guns, Drugs and Filthy Pictures”

If you are looking for a truly unique metal-infused musical experience, look no further.  Devil’s Witches‘ discography is something to dive into to escape the “norm” and to even escape reality.  The band has a small but powerful discography, with Guns, Drugs and Filthy Pictures now added to the mix.  The music created by Devil’s Witches is a blend of doom metal, heavy metal, 70’s psychedelic rock, classic rock, with a few other musical elements and genres sprinkled in.  This once solo project, led by a mysterious multi-instrumentalist appropriately called Witchdoctor General, has since welcomed some returning players who all participated in the creation of this two-track EP.

The title track starts with distant guitar that screeches into the forefront with vibrating riffs before adding classic rock drumming and breaking into sultry vocals.  This track immediately had me grooving and dancing around my apartment while listening.  It is an instant anthem—catchy with themes of rebellion and personal freedom—very much in the spirit of good old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll.  The music video for this song premiered in June.  The video features clips of various female revenge films strung together smoothly, perfectly representing the spirit and lyrics of “Guns, Drugs and Filthy Pictures.”  The use of badass female imagery amplifies the vivacity of the song.  The energy stays high and upbeat.  Also featured are a few killer quick guitar solos by Daniel Jones, also known online as East London Blues. 

The second, and final track of the EP, “Cross My Path I’ll Cross Your Face,” goes in a completely different direction, musically.  This song has a country folk feel to it and includes some atmospheric elements.  Thematically, the lyrics tell a tale of revenge and murder, vaguely on par with the previous song.  The music is different from anything I have heard from Devil’s Witches.  It has a bit of a country twangy guitar throughout, along with acoustic guitar and soothing clean vocals and harmonies.  The track opens with the sound of crunching steps in a dirt road and ends with a horse whinnying, more crunching steps, and fades out like an extinguished bonfire into the night.  

Devil’s Witches already had a unique blend of sounds, making their own genre, but here they are adding a new ingredient to the mix by throwing in country folk with their latest track.  I am eager to see what this creative band comes up with next.  Though these two tracks included in the EP do not fit together musically, they are an excellent sampling of what this talented band can do.  While I did miss the psychedelic elements that are present in the band’s earlier discography, Guns, Drugs and Filthy Pictures expands Devil’s Witches already robust sound and proves that the talented musicians are capable of anything. 

– Angela

Guns, Drugs and Filthy Pictures is available now on Majestic Mountain Records.  For more information on Devil’s Witches visit their Facebook Page.

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