Initial Descent: September 6 – 12, 2020

Dead Quiet
Dead Quiet

It’s Labor Day but my guess is that a lot of you are laboring away like it’s not a holiday. The advantage of not laboring today is getting a jump start on this week’s list of new metal, otherwise you’ll have some catching up to do. Anyway, for some truly enjoyable and fun heavy metal by way of the good ol’ classics look no further than Vancouver’s Dead Quiet who offer a full length jam packed with it. For anyone looking for soul crushing sludge and doom, Jupiterian have you covered with six tracks of earthquake inducing jams. The Death Wheelers are like listening to a metal version of sleazy outlaw biker movie soundtracks straight out of the 70s but that’s the point and this week’s full length is all that and a bag of 30 weight oil, or DTA in this case. Last up top this week is Mastodon who share some rarities and a new track—-it’s Mastodon so it’s an automatic in for me. Whether laboring away or not, there’s a ton to dive into here, enjoy.

Dead Quiet - Truth and Ruin

Dead Quiet – Truth and Ruin (Artoffact) – heavy metal [profile]

Jupiterian – Protosapien (Transcending Obscurity) – sludge / doom

The Death Wheelers – Divine Filth (RidingEasy) – biker metal

Mastodon – Medium Rarities (Reprise) – mastometal 

Also on tap:

Abduction / Nocturnal Prayer – Intercontinental Death Conspiracies (Inferna Profundus) – black metal

Aborted Fetus – Pyramids of Damnation (Comatose Music) – death metal

Abyss / Besna – Split (Wolfmond) – melodic black metal 

Aether Realm – Tarot (reissue) (Napalm Records) – melodic death metal

ARU – Fighting Hatred (Lazerdiscs) – synthwave

Bog Body / Primitive Warfare – The Gate of Grief / Undulating Torment, Split (Stygian Black Hand) – metal

Bornwithhair – Smoleńska (Independent) – avantmetal 

Calarook – Surrender or Die (Independent) – pirate metal

Cenotafio – Larvae Tedeum Teratos (Blood Harvest) – black / death

Dark Rites – The Dark Hymns (Brutal) – death metal

Darkened – Kingdom of Decay (Edged Circle) – death metal

David Minasian – The Sound of Dreams (Golden Robot) – rock

Demolizer – Thrashmageddon (Mighty Music) – thrash

Dephosphorus – Sublimation (Selfmadegod) – grind

Exhalants – Atonement (Hex) – noise / metal

Grid – Livsleda (Selfmadegod) – grind

Ihsahn – Pharos, EP (Candlelight) – metal

Kind – Mental Nudge (Ripple Music) – rock

Körgull The Exterminator – Sharpen Your Spikes (Xtreem Music) – speed / black / thrash

Lifvsleda – Det Besegrade Lifvet (Shadow / Regain) – black metal

Messiah – Fracmont (High Roller) – extreme metal

Mondo Generator – Cocaine Rodeo, Reissue (Heavy Psych Sounds) – metal

Mortis Mutilati – The Fate of Flight 800 (Independent) – black metal

Neon Angel – Neon Light District (Sliptrick) – rock

Night – High Tides-Distant Skies (The Sign) – rock

Ordinance – In Purge There Is No Remission (The Sinister Flame) – black metal

Proselytism – Blood of the Deceivers (Duplicate) – metal

Putrid Offal – Sicknesses Obsessions (Xenocorp) – death metal 

Pyrrhic – Vile Slumber (Independent) – extreme metal

Raventale – Planetarium II (Ashen Dominion) – atmospheric black metal 

Regardless of Me – Black Flowers Blossom (Boersma) – melodic death metal

Skeletal Remains – The Entombment of Chaos (Century Media) – death metal

Slit Your Gods – Dogmatic Convictions of Human Decrepitude (Comatose Music) – death metal

Soulwound – The Suffering (Inverse) – thrash / death

Spectrum of Delusion – Neoconception (The Artisan Era) – death metal

Stygian Temple – In the Sign of the Five Angels (The Sinister Flame) – black metal 

The Brothers Keg – Folklore, Myths, and Legends of The Brothers Keg (APF) – stoner

The Passing – S/T (Caligari Records) – extreme

The Progressive Souls Collective – Sonic Birth (Metalville) – prog

Theotoxin – Fragment : Erhabenheit (AOP) – black metal

Throat – Bareback, Stripped & Remasked (Kaos Kontrol) – noise

Tomorrow’s Rain – Hollow (AOP) – doom

Void Rot – Descending Pillars (Everlasting Spew) – death / doom

Welkins Boreal – Ashes, EP (Independent) – goth metal


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