Blood Red: Hooptober Se7en – Week Three

I don’t know what to tell you.  Anything I can write about in this post can’t and won’t compare to the terror and insanity I’m seeing every time I click on Twitter, or check my news feed on my phone.  The weather has finally moved to the brisk and golden autumn I crave every year, but it’s tainted by a growing horror that we might never escape the insanity of the times.  There’s nothing left to say when you’re watching films about masked killers,  satanic witchcraft and throat emerging aliens just for a spot of normalcy, you know?

Anyway, let’s get to the recaps…

 It’s Tree Gelbman’s birthday, and she wakes up in a dorm room, having drunk herself silly at a party the night before. Beautiful, blonde, and every inch the nasty stereotype of a popular sorority sister she resumes her life, only to be savagely killed on her way to a party. It’s Tree Gelbman’s birthday, and she wakes up in a dorm room, having drunk herself…wait, did this already happen? It’s not long before Tree realizes she’s reliving the same day over and over again, each day ending with her murder. Who is killing Tree? Why is she stuck in the same day? How many descendants of Michael Landon are associated with this film? Only some of these questions will be answered!!

(full review here)

It’s the day AFTER Tree Gelbman’s birthday, and she wakes up in a dorm room, this time having defeated the time loop and finally having a romantic moment with Carter. Carter’s roommate Ryan walks in, gets kicked out for said romantic time and hurries on his way to the science lab to check on his thesis project which – you guessed it – is trying to slow down time on a molecular level. Things get weird and Ryan is murdered by a familiar looking figure in a bayside Baby mask. Ryan wakes up in his car. It’s the day AFTER Tree Gelbman’s birthday and…wait, what? Yup, here we go again, except things aren’t quite the same as they were last time, and it’s up to Tree and her friends to figure it out…

(full review here)

Russian cosmonauts on a routine mission in the 80s experience… something…that causes their capsule to crash land back on Earth. are prepping for their descent back to Earth in the 80s when something invades their capsule. A Russian scientist is called into the examine the sole survivor to understand why he cannot recall anything that happened. She soon finds out both the survivor and the military have many more secrets being kept, secrets that threatens to uh, “burst forth” and put the planet in a precarious pickle…okay, well maybe not burst forth but when you see what happens you’ll be glad I kept the secret

(full review here)

Do magic and witchcraft exist? Eminent professor John Holden doesn’t think so, and he travels to London to attend a conference on the subject of the paranormal only to discover his colleague has died under mysterious circumstances. Enter the mysterious Dr. Karswell, who leads a cult and casts a spell on Holden to show just how wrong his beliefs are. Can Holden figure out how to break the curse in the three days he has belt before the demon comes to claim his soul? Is the presence of kindergarten teacher and niece to the deceased professor Peggy Cummins necessary at all to this plot? Not really, but I dug the way she and Dana Andrews race to outwit the devious doctor before it’s too late…

(full review here)

 Whether as punishment or through voluntary means, images re assigned to a specific floor of The Hole, a vast vertical prison that stretches a seemingly infinite number of levels. Once a day a concrete slab is lowered with a feast of edible delights; those at the top most floors have their pick, but as the slab moves further and further down the inmates have to fight for what scraps they can. Each month they wake to different floor. Into this nightmare enters Goreng, who must not only survive his time in the Hole but possibly save it from itself…

(full review here)


Week 4 has a plethora of new and old movies, including a pair of new releases that never got to the theaters (this year has a lot of 2020 films), a twisted update on a Universal classic, a tragic import from Guatemala that puts to shame the place shades attempted here in the US, and an early Cronenberg that’ll leave you rabid (ha!) for more of that body horror from the master.

Until then, keep it Blood Red.


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