Initial Descent: May 30 – June 5, 2021


Alright friends, readers, enemies, and foes; this is the week I’ve been sitting on pins and needles for. And also the week that has lightened my wallet the most via preorders. Take note, homies and homettes. The best current offering for sick and nasty deathgoregrind is Fluids and they are up this week with their third full length of sick and nasty ass tunes to get the juices flowing, resurrecting Massacre by way of a tad more groove and a lot more Floridian swamp ass is Inhuman Condition with their spot on excellent debut, technical metal god Hannes Grossmann is back with another slab of greatness, and progressive doom champions Boss Keloid return for an album that will challenge every thought you have about that genre as well as their previous output aaaand it is amazing. All that and a crap ton more awaits below so get your wallets ready, this is the week you will clean out all the dust in said wallet. Enjoy!

Fluids – Not Dark Yet (Hells Headbangers) – deathgoregrind

Inhuman Condition - Rat God

Inhuman Condition – Rat God (Black Serpent / Blood Blast Distribution) – death metal 

Hannes Grossmann - To Where the Light Retreats

Hannes Grossmann – To Where the Light Retreats (Independent) – technical metal [interview]

Boss Keloid – Family the Smiling Thrush (Ripple Music) – progressive doom

Also on tap:

ADAM – Sun (Venerate Industries) – post-metal

All Wasted – Burn With Me (Wormholedeath Records) – heavy metal

Ancient Wisdom – A Celebration In Honor of Death (Avantgarde Music) – black metal

Anti-God Hand – Wretch (American Decline Records) – black metal 

Black Moon Mother – Illusions Under the Sun (Petrichor) – psych metal

Canens Cancer – S/T (Morbid and Miserable) – doom 

Carivari – Reset (No Good To Anyone Productions) – hardcore / grind 

Casket – Urn (Neckbreaker) – death metal 

Code – Flyblown Prince (Dark Essence) – black metal

Crescent – Carving the Fires of Akhet (Listenable) – death metal 

Crimson Dimension – S/T (Spread Evil) – black metal 

Crypt Crawler – Future Usurper (Independent) – death metal 

Cyclops Cataract – The Bestiary (Planet K Records) – black/death metal

Desaster – Churches Without Saints (Metal Blade) – metal

Despising Age – Belligerent (Planet K) – death metal 

Eternal Struggle – Gun of the Year (Demons Run Amok / Upstate) – hardcore

Flotsam and Jetsam – Blood in the Water (AFM Records) – heavy metal

Goat Sanctuary – Chthonic (N/A) – brutal thrash

Goats of Doom – Shiva (Purity Through Fire) – black metal 

Human Failure – Urchin, EP (Riot) – punk

Indrid Cold – Monument Prázdnoty (Sliptrick) – post-metal / doom

Inner Earth – Arcane State (Independent) – prog/post metal

International Trainwreck – Smokestack of Souls (Independent) – progressive metal 

Jenn Taiga – Lunar Nocturnes and Esoteric Incantations (Tridroid) – dungeon synth

Killing Addiction – Mind of a New God (Xtreem Music) – death metal

Klamm – Misanthropocene (Disharmonia Records) – atmospheric black metal

Liholesie – Shamanic Twilight (Infinite Fog Productions) – ambient

Lowen – Unceasing Lamentations, EP (Independent) – doom

Lycanthro – Mark of the Wolf (Alone) – heavy metal

Lycia – Casa Luna, EP (Avantgarde Music) – darkwave

Myronath – Djevelkraft (Hellstain Productions) – black metal 

Nephila – S/T (The Sign) – psych rock

Ole Teigen – Aske og Jord (Apollon Records) – dark classical

Oslo Tapes – ØR (Pelagic) – avant-rock

Red Fang – Arrows (Relapse) – metal

Rhapsody of Fire – I’ll Be Your Hero, EP (AFM) – power metal

Seputus – Phantom Indigo (Willowtip) – extreme metal

Shun – S/T (Small Stone) – rock

Somnuri – Nefarious Wave (Blues Funeral Recordings) – sludge

Sorrow & The Spire – My Misery Calling (Crusader) – prog

Soul Grinder – Lifeless Obsession (MDD) – death metal 

Starlight Ritual – Sealed In Starlight (Temple of Mystery) – heavy metal

T.O.M.E. – I-III (Spread Evil) – black metal 

TrveSovereign – The Dewerstone (Necroplague) – metal

Urwelt – Distant Galaxies Collide (Sleeping Giant Glossolalia) – noise / drone

Winter Eternal – Land of Darkness (Hells Headbangers) – black metal 

With All My Hate – Impared Existence (tons) – metal

W!zard – Definitely Unfinished (Luik Music) – noise

Worm Shepherd – In the Wake of Sol (Unique Leader) – death metal

Zennui – Kingdom Jones and The Atom Heart Family (Independent) – metal


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