Boss Keloid’s Ste Arands on “Family the Smiling Thrush,” band and sound evolution, Toto, and much more!

Over the course of, now, five albums with Family the Smiling ThrushBoss Keloid have gone from stoner metal to a progressive metal giant. They defy easy categorization and genre tags by keeping fans, and new listeners, on their toes with an amalgamation of styles and varying degrees of heaviness. To put it plain, no one else is doing what this band is doing, nor has the balls to put themselves out there like they do. And it works, tremendously so. Head inside for an in depth discussion via The Nine Circles Audio Thing.

Our maestro of the mic, Buke, chats with Ste Arands about the new album and the pitfalls of jamming together in the midst of the pandemic, how the band has evolved over the years personally and in sound and scope, a more collaborative writing approach then in the past, and an enormous discussion on Ste’s vast and eclectic ear for music and how his upbringing with music as a constant shaped him as a musician. They also cover upcoming tour plans, Toto, the negative effects of the social media age, a surprise family likeness, and Ste’s background in drumming and how he got his start behind the kit. This is an absolute blast of a conversation so dive in and enjoy!

Boss Keloid - Family the Smiling Thrush

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Family the Smiling Thrush is available now on Ripple Music. For more information on Boss Keloid, visit their Facebook page.

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