Allegaeon’s Riley McShane on voicing a character in the Resident Evil series, gaming and favorite platforms, favorite vocalists in death metal, future band plans, and so much more!


Allegaeon has fast become a household name in the tech death metal arena, and for good reason. Their last album Apoptosis was a beacon in the tech-melodic-death-metal arena and placed the band on the same wavelength as the giants in this genre. And maybe even head and shoulders above their competition. Eye of the beholder sort of thing, obviously, but these dudes are the real deal. Period. With that said, head inside for an in depth discussion with Riley McShane via The Nine Circles Audio Thing.

In close proximity to Riley McShane’s voiceover in the Resident Evil series, our maestro of the mic, Buke, had the chance to dig into the whys and hows of this voiceover, Riley’s gaming background and favorite platforms, Riley’s video game publishing platform and future releases, Cannibal Corpse vs Six Feet Under vocalists, a section on Apoptosis and the creative process surrounding that album, cover songs, and a ton more! Dive in for an excellent chat.

Allegaeon - Apoptosis

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