Initial Descent: August 1 – 7, 2021


Ah yes, the glorious return to the real world. Zero sarcasm in that…or not. Definitely was a much needed break that went by way too fast, but here we are with another new release list that’s sure to strike an arc with everyone. And, it’ll give me the swift kick in the ass I need on my first day back to reality. Score. First up we’ve got the masters of bleak blackened doom, Krigsgrav, with yet another stunner, then we’ve got death metal from Decrepisy and a vinyl edition from Perilaxe Occlusion (both of which I highly recommend), then we’ve got an intense mix of noise, black metal, and grind from Vessel of Iniquity, and of course, a ton more to follow. Happy hunting.

Krigsgrav – The Sundering (Wise Blood) – black / death / doom

Decrepisy – Emetic Communion (Chaos Records / Life After Death / Seed of Doom) – death metal

Perilaxe Occlusion – Raytraces of Death, Vinyl (Blood Harvest) – death metal

Vessel of Iniquity – The Doorway (Sentient Ruin) – noise / black / grind

Also on tap:

8 Hour Animal – Resigner (Sentient Ruin) – harsh industrial 

Ashen – Godless Oath (Bitter Loss) – death metal

Apathy Noir – At The Edge of The World (Independent) – melancholic death/doom

Baxaxaxa – Catacomb Cult (The Sinister Flame) – black metal

Brundarkh – Bells Of The Drowned (Independent) – dark symphonic metal

Burn In Hell – Disavowal Of The Creator God (Reason and Rage Records) – hardcore

Ceremonial Worship / Omenfilth – The Pact of Morbid Conspiracy (Eternal Death) – black metal

Cesspool of Corruption – Requiems of the Ignominious (Gore House Productions) – death metal

Chaos Over Cosmos – The Silver Lining Between the Stars (Independent) – prog metal

Corners Of Sanctuary – Casualties Of War – Blood And Steel – Volume Two (RFL Records) – heavy metal

Crypt Crawler – Future Usurper (Bitter Loss) – death metal

Dantalion – Time to Pass Away (Darkwoods) – black metal

Despise You – West Side Horizons (Tankcrimes) – powerviolence

Disillusionist – Love and Anxiety (Over the Under) – melodic hardcore

Divine Anger – Guru Of Hate, E.P. (Independent) – power metal

Edenic Past – Red Amarcord, Vinyl Issue (Sentient Ruin) – tech / brutal death

Ellimist – S/T (Independent) – progressive metal

Endure the Affliction  – Identity (Independent) – metal

Esses – Bloodletting for the Lonely (Bat Cave / Atakra) – post-punk / deathrock

Flame, Dear Flame – Aegis (Eisenwald) – doom metal

Gnosis – Omens From the Dead Realm (Nuclear War Now! Productions) – death metal

Graveyard Shifters – Head Turns First, Eyes Follow… (Independent) – punk

Grisly – Salting the Earth (Xtreem Music) – death metal

Groza – The Redemptive End (AOP) – black metal

Guan Yin – Evocations (Trepanation Recordings) – ambient black metal

Guhts – blood feather (Independent) – post-metal

In Veil – Lunatic (Independent) – goth

Ixtlahuac – Teyacanilitztli Nahualli (Nuclear War Now! Productions) – death metal

Kevin Parallax – Perplexing Emotions (Independent) – prog

Lurcher – Coma (Trepanation Recordings) – metal

Melted Bodies – Enjoy Yourself With Friends (Plastic Smiles) – rock

Mothman and The Thunderbirds – Into the Instrumentals, EP (Independent) – metal

Netherbird – Arete (Eisenwald) – melodic black/death

Pray U Prey – The Omega Kill (Selfmadegod) – crust punk / death metal

Rivers Ablaze – Devoid Dying Sun ( – experimental extreme metal

Scarecrow – Splatterpunk (Inverse) – horror punk

Smiling – Devour (Rebel Waves) – psych-pop / shoegaze

Suncraft – Flat Earth Rider (All Good Clean Records) – stoner metal

Sunk Heaven – The Fvckhearted Lvng (American Dreams) – improv

Supreme Conception – Empires of the Mind (Independent) – death metal

Vassago – Storm of Satan (Nuclear War Now! Productions) – black / death 

Vriess – S/T (Xenocorp Militia Series) – thrash / death

Wald Krypta – Possessed by Nothingness (Eternal Death) – death metal



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