Creeping Death’s Trey Pemberton on EP “The Edge of Existence,” Ohio State football, readying for an upcoming tour, MMA training, Riley Gale, and much more!

Creeping Death

The Edge of Existence is Texas based Creeping Death‘s third EP, but follows from their bludgeoning 2019 full length Wretched illusions. Death metal had no idea what it was in for when this band formed and called it its own. Their sound is immediately violent yet has a groovy, melodic edge to it that makes for fast kinship amongst fans of metal far beyond just death metal. Reviews came fast and furious for the full length and it seemed the band was an overnight success, rightfully so since said full length was such a hammer to the face of death metal that so many just couldn’t get enough of, and us included. With that said, head inside for an in depth discussion with guitarist Trey Pemberton via The Nine Circles Audio Thing.

Just ahead of the EP’s release, our maestro of the mic, Buke, had the chance to cross paths, yet again, with Trey to discuss The Edge of Existence and how it came to be. They also discussed how the pandemic shaped the album and how that allowed them time to really focus on the album and their individual mastery of the puzzle pieces, their upcoming tour and what to expect, Trey’s MMA training and how that has helped him in so many ways, the passing of Powertrip’s Riley Gale and how hard that hit the band as well as fellow Texans and metal fans in general, and how Trey’s Mom shaped his musical history since she was a huge metal fan and an absolute shredder on the drum kit. Plus, what song Trey feels perfectly encapsulates the Creeping Death sound off the new EP. All this and so much more is covered in this amazing chat so dive in and enjoy.

Creeping Death - The Edge of Existence

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– Buke

The Edge of Existence will be available October 8 on eOne. For more information on Creeping Death, visit their Facebook page.

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