Imperial Triumphant’s Steve Blanco on new live album “An Evening With Imperial Triumphant,” New York City, local venues, jazz, and much more!

Imperial Triumphant

For Imperial Triumphant and extreme metal fans around the globe, Vile Luxury was a statement of avantgarde supremacy of the like none of us have ever seen and follow up Alphaville twisted that blade in even deeper. Their sound is the heartbeat of their home base New York City in the sense of its roots in jazz and the extremities found at every corner and perfectly encapsulates every aspect of day to day life in the city’s grasp. Melodies, or hooks, are sparse and generally non existent but this is just the genius of what they do; every second is a different experience and every second of every song is monumental which is captured to near perfection in their latest live album An Evening With Imperial Triumphant. With that said, jump in for an excellent chat with Steve Blanco via The Nine Circles Audio Thing.

On the heels  of this live album, Buke had the chance to chat with Steve about the album, the choice to record it at Slipper Room, and how it felt to finally get back on the road. They also cover the importance of the live aspect to their band as well as importance to all bands and the fans connection to the music in that setting, New York City and how it was eerily similar to Blade Runner during the height of the pandemic, evolution of the band since their debut and what’s to come, how jazz being a part of their music isn’t deliberate but instead just a natural part of the trio’s fabric, BBQ and coffee, and David Lynch. All this and so much is covered so dive in and enjoy.

Imperial Triumphant - An Evening With IT

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An Evening With Imperial Triumphant is available now on Century Media. For more information on Imperial Triumphant, visit their Facebook page.

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