The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Desert Island Albums!

Episode 102 is upon us! After an extended time away, Chris and Dan rejoin Lord Goldenvoice himself, Buke, for a rousing, back-and-forth-and-back-again discussion of their “desert island picks” — the albums they’d want to be their Wilsons if ever stranded in the South Pacific. (Or South Atlantic. Or maybe even Indian. We don’t discriminate here.) 

In any case, the crew — henceforth to be known as The Power Trio™ — covers a wide net, with everything from jazz to progressive metal to classic hip-hop getting a seat at the proverbial, uh… log next to the signal fire? There’s also a mention of the band Orgy, which is one more mention of the band Orgy than there should ever be in a Desert Island albums chat. But, we digress.

So grab a seat and at least one adult beverage, ’cause this is a long one. Enjoy!

Keep it heavy,

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