Wilderun’s Evan Berry on new album “Epigone,” pandemic effects on the album and touring, inability to write short songs, Radiohead, and much more!

Wilderun has long been a favorite of Buke and Nine Circles so at the mention of new album Epigone it was a slam dunk to get vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist, and mandolin player Evan Berry on to chat about all things Epigone. This is the fourth full length from the band and consequently their most fully fleshed out effort and not to mention their, quite possibly, best to date. The band effortlessly weaves black metal, folk, and acoustic bliss with uncanny ease and it’s no wonder we’ve all been head over heels with them since their debut. With that said, jump in for an excellent chat with via The Nine Circles Audio Thing.

With the ink still drying on Epigone, our maestro of the mic, Buke, chatted with Evan on the new album and how it came to be during the pandemic era, his inability to write short songs or at least for this project, a Radiohead cover and how much that band means to him and the rest of Wilderun, Evan’s early days and how he aged to the Wilderun of today, and a chat on the mixing and mastering of the album. They then evolve into an audio hi-fi discussion surrounding lossless versus standard sound, preferred listening apparatus for certain albums, Evan’s favorite track off the new album, and pick of best album for 2021. All this and so much more so dig in!

Wilderun - Epigone

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Epigone is available now on Century Media Records. For more information on Wilderun, visit their official website.

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