Initial Descent: January 16 – 22, 2022


Is it too early to say that 2022 can jump in the fire?? On top of everything else that’s sucking, by the time you read this, here in the South, we will either be business as usual or sitting here feeding gas in generators post Snow-Ice-Mageddon 2022. UGH. Eyes forward though…this will be the last week for a while that the quantity of new metal is weak so be prepared for locust invasion levels to resume. Quality? Who knows but you can rest assured there will be plenty to choose from. This week we’ve got death metal from Abyssus, dream pop (yep, you read that right) from SOM, black / death from Chaos Perversion, and a handful more in the list that follows. Hop to it and we’ll see you ‘round these parts through the week…maybe, as long as gas is plentiful.

Abyssus – Death Revival (Transcending Obscurity) – death metal

SOM – The Shape of Everything (Pelagic) – doom pop

Chaos Perversion – Petrified Against the Emanation (Sentient Ruin / Total Death) – black / death

Also on tap:

Age of Apocalypse – Grim Wisdom (Closed Casket Activities) – hardcore

Artamene – Ziggurat (Wormholedeath) – metal

Aua – The Damaged Organ (Pelagic) – metal

Battle Beast – Circus of Doom (Nuclear Blast) – heavy metal

Beriedir – Aqva (Rockshots) – prog

Boris – W (Sacred Bones) – heavy rock

Breaths – Though life has turned out nothing like I imagined, it is far better than I could have dreamt. (Independent) – blackgaze

Breidablik – Orka II (Apollon Records Prog) – prog

Bullet Ride – At the Gates of Hell (Music-Records) – metal

Chronicles – Chaos Cosmogony (Helldprod Records) – death metal

Confess – Revenge At All Costs (Rexius) – groove / hardcore

Druid Lord – Relics of the Dead (Hells Headbangers) – doom

Fiat Nox – Demanifestation: Hymns of Destruction and Nothingness (Crawling Chaos) – black metal

Great American Ghost – Torture World, EP (MNRK) – death metal

Heir Apparent – Graceful Inheritance (Hammerheart) – power metal

Hellfox – The Call (Music for the Masses) – alternative metal

Kerasfóra – Denn die Todten reiten schnel (Iron Bonehead) – black metal 

Lionheart – Second Nature, Remastered with bonus tracks (Metalville) – melodic rock

Minneriket – Gjennom meg gar ingen til hvile (Independent) – black metal 

Nepthisis – Spiral Hollow (Dark Iris Music) – melodic metal

Nocturna – Daughters of the Night (Scarlet) – metal

Planeswalker – Tales of Magic (Independent) – power metal

Salo – From Melmac With Hate (Bigoût Records) – noise rock

Sonata Arctica – Acoustic Adventures – Volume One (Atomic Fire) – acousti-metal

Spitfire – Denial To Fall (No Remorse) – heavy metal

Taraban – How the East Was Lost, Vinyl Issue (Interstellar Smoke) – psych rock

Verikalpa – Tunturihauta (Scarlet) – black / death / folk


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