Initial Descent: January 23 – 29, 2022

As it turns out, Snow-Ice-Mageddon 2022 (part one) wasn’t terrible for us and nowhere near as bad as forecasted. Some didn’t fare as well, and that blows. However, I could’ve easily made some killer atmospheric black metal album covers out of the pictures taken from the storm so any bands looking, I got you covered. As hinted at, the new metal release list is a bit longer this week with several quality offerings for all discerning metal heads. Leading that charge is a trio of equal parts old school and hard hitting death metal from Ectoplasma, Malefic Throne, and Ravenous Death then we’ve got a horror / proto-metal offering from Possessor that’s infectious as hell. Definitely a great way to kick off the last full week of January and don’t forget about the rest that lie in wait below these four. Get some.

Ectoplasma – Inferna Kabbalah (Memento Mori / Rotted Life) – death metal

Malefic Throne – S/T (Hells Headbangers) – death metal

Ravenous Death – Visions from the Netherworld (Memento Mori) – death metal

Possessor – The Speed of Death, EP (APF) – horror / proto metal

Also on tap:

800 Throats – Day of the Woman, EP (Epictronic) – industrial

Aegrus – The Carnal Temples, EP (Osmose) – black metal

Agvirre – ——- (Through Love Rec) – post-rock

Amoth – The Hour of the Wolf (Rockshots) – metal

AngelBlast – Throne of Ashes (Edged Circle) – death metal

Atrox Trauma – On The Line Of Nothing And Something (Wormholedeath) – thrash death

Benthik Zone – εἴδωλον (EIDOLON) (Independent) – experimental black metal

Bifid Corpse / Surfer – James / Pythian, Split (Morbid and Miserable) – hardcore / grind / powerviolence / sludge

Burned in Effigy – Rex Mortem (Independent) – melodic death metal

Bye Bye Tsunami – S/T (Nefarious Industries) – experimental 

Dark Meditation – Polluted Temples (Satanik Royalty) – heavy metal 

Death Shroud – Death, Slavery and the Pursuit ov Sadness (Wormholedeath) – metal

Deathcult – Of Soil Unearthed (Invictus Productions) – death metal

Deeper Graves – The Colossal Sleep (Disorder Recordings) – alternative rock/punk

Depleted Uranium – Origins (Independent) – metalcore

Disinter – Demolition (Pest Records) – death metal

Druadan Forest – Portals (Werewolf) – black metal

Dying Light – Far From Life (Independent) – melodic metal

Earthless – Night Parade of One Hundred Demons (Nuclear Blast) – metal

Freaks and Clowns – We Set the World On Fire (Metalville) – power rock

Gia G – The Cosmic Wave, EP (Independent) – instrumental metal

Gloves Off – Life…And Everything After (Independent) – hardcore

Grave Next Door – Sanctified Heathen (Black Doomba) – stoner metal 

H – Dominus Draconis (Independent) – black metal 

Hazemaze – Blinded By the Wicked (Heavy Psych Sounds) – doom

Hegeroth – Sacra Doctrina (Independent) – black metal

Japanische Kampfhörspiele & Optimist – Flat Earthers Ball, Split (Bastardized Recordings) – metal

Kings and Liars – Transition Animals (Salt of the Earth) – rock

Krallice – Crystalline Exhaustion (Independent – digital / CD, Tape – P2 Records – 3/22 / Vinyl – Gilead Media – later 2022) – black metal

Larsen & The Coloured Dreams – The Bucket List (Apollon Prog) – prog

Mantic Ritual – Crusader (M-Theory Audio) – thrash

Mur – Cut The Rivers Vein (Independent) – funeral doom

Necrot – Mortal, Tape Pizza Boxset Edition (783punx) – death metal

Negativa – 04 (Mystiskaos / Dissociative Visions / Nebular Carcoma) – black metal

Rabid Dogs – Black Cowslip (Time To Kill) – grind

Rotborn – Genocidal Solution (Redefining Darkness) – death metal

Sarcasm – Stellar Stream Obscured (Hammerheart) – death metal

Sartori – Dragon’s Fire (Rockshots) – power metal

Secondhand Depression – S/T (Old Haunt Studios) – goth

Silhouette – Les Retranchement (Antiq) – black metal

Sonic Assault – Neon-Lit Metropolis (Independent) – thrash

Spectral Dance – Crusaders of the Void (Helldprod) – black metal

Stone House On Fire – Time Is A Razor (Electric Valley) – psych / stoner

Sunn O))) – Metta, Benevolence BBC6 Live: on the invitation of Mary Anne Hobbs (Southern Lord) – droooone

Tangent – S/T (Dying Victims Productions) – metal

Tension – Decay (Dying Victims Productions) – metal

The Last Ten Seconds of Life – S/T (Unique Leader Records) – metal

The Mist From the Mountain – Monumental – The Temple of Twilight (Primitive Reaction) – black metal 

The Quill – Live, New, Borrowed, Blue (Metalville) – rock

The Risen Dread – Night Hag (Independent) – metal

Tormentor Tyrant – S/T, EP (Everlasting Spew) – death metal

Trest – Ordalium / Chambre Ardente (reissues) (Amor Fati) – black metal

Vicious Knights – Alteration Through Possession (Dying Victims Productions) – death / thrash


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