Initial Descent: April 17 – 23, 2022


Busy week ‘round these parts last week. Hopefully we can keep that momentum, but if you missed anything do catch up. Moving on to the reason you’re here…new releases and we’ve got a ton for this week that kicks off with a trio of excellent death metal from Undeath, Sentient Horror, and Corpsessed, a wickedly good heavy metal outing from Skull Fist, and a long list of other releases that are equally worthy of your time. Feel free to let us know what we missed and if your band or label wants to be included here, get in touch via our info found on this site. We’d love to hear from you.

Undeath – It’s Time… To Rise From the Grave (Prosthetic Records) – death metal

Sentient Horror – Rites of Gore (Redefining Darkness / Testimony) – death metal

Corpsessed – Succumb To Rot (Dark Descent Records) – death metal

SKULL FIST - Paid In Full

Skull Fist – Paid In Full (Atomic Fire) – heavy metal [interview]

Also on tap:

A Good Rogering – Systematic Paralysis (Independent) – rock

Algaion – Oimai Algeiou (Shadow / Regain) – black metal

Archie Caine – Tommy And The Angels (Independent) – goth

Armory – Mercurion (Dying Victims Productions) – speed metal

Azothyst – Blood of Dead God (Godz Ov War Productions) – black / death

Bodysnatcher – Bleed-Abide (MNRK Heavy) – deathcore

Böllverk – Heading for the Crown (Independent) – metal

Caliban – Dystopia (Century Media) – metalcore

Carpet Waves – Inner Weapons (Waveland Records) – post-punk

Chimpgrinder – Remasters (Electric Talon Records) – stoner metal

Coma Hole – S/T (Independent) – stoner doom

Comando Praetorio – Sovvertire la Tirannia della Luce (ATMF) – black metal

Cultic – Of Fire and Sorcery (Eleventh Key) – death / doom

Dawohl – Leviathan (Dolorem) – death / black

Deceaded – The Sole Destroyer (WormHoleDeath) – metal

Desecresy – Unveil The Abyss (Xtreem Music) – death metal

Disembody – Reigniting Hellfire (Helldprod) – death / doom

Domkraft / Slomatics – Ascend / Descend (Majestic Mountain) – psych rock / sludge

Dragonbreed – Necrohedron (MDD) – melodic death metal

Erebe – Aeon (Silent Future Recordings) – post-metal

Escaping Aghartha – Croak (Independent) – black / doom

Extinction In Progress – Shades of Pale (Inverse) – death metal

Fer de Lance – The Hyperborean (Cruz Del Sur Music) – heavy metal

Feral Light – Psychic Contortions (I, Voidhanger) – black metal

Flayed Disciple – A Hell In Living Flesh (Bethlam) – death / trash

For The Storms – The Grieving Path (Time To Kill) – death / doom

Freja – Tides (Babylon Doom Cult) – black metal

Gadgets Sons – S/T (Wormholedeath) – heavy metal

Helioss – Contre ma lumiere (Satanath) – black / death

Huntsmen – The Dying Pines, EP (Prosthetic) – metal

King Dude & Der Blutharsch and the infinite church of the leading hand – Black Rider On The Storm (Independent) – dark americana 

Märvel – Graces Came With Malice (The Sign) – rock

Mein Kopf ist ein Brutaler Ort – Ton Steine Sterben (Metalville) – modern metal

Mirror – The Day Bastard Leaders Die (Cruz Del Sur Music) – heavy metal

Mosaic – Heimatspuk (Eisenwald) – atmospheric folk metal

No Restraints – Stand Our Ground (Demons Run Amok) – hardcore

Noorvik – Hamartia (Tonzonen Records) – post rock

Novarupta – Carrion Movements (Suicide) – post-metal

Nuclear Storm – Tales From the Depth (Independent) – melodic death / black

Pyreship – Light Is A Barrier (Independent) – post-metal sludge

Reaper – Viridian Decay (Dying Victims Productions) – speed metal

Scarlatti – Power Through (Independent) – punk / metal

Serpentshrine – Allegiance to the Myth (Signal Rex) – black metal

Solitary – XXV: Live At Bloodstock (Metalville) – metal

Somali Yacht Club – The Space (Season of Mist) – post-metal

Speckmann Project – Fiends Of Emptiness (Emanzipation Productions) – death metal

Static Abyss – Labyrinth of Veins (Peaceville) – death / doom

SystemHouse33 – Salvation (Independent) – metal

Survival Instinct – Fatal Venin, EP (Personal) – thrash

Temple of Decay – Rigor Mortis (Godz Ov War Productions) – black / death

The Chapter – Delusion of Consciousness (Independent) – death / doom

The Scum – The Hunger (Wild Noise Productions) – death metal

Thos Aella – Sempiternal Mobocracies (I, Voidhanger) – black / death

Truchlo Strzygi – Gwiezdny Demon (Godz Ov War Productions) – black / punk

Tyrannus – Unslayable (True Cult Records) – extreme metal

Udo Dirkschneider – My Way (Atomic Fire) – metal

Various Artists – Brown Acid: The 14th Trip (RidingEasy) – proto metal

Veiled – Artefacts (Trepanation Recordings) – dark ambient

Vetus Supulcrum – A Shroud of Desolation (Signal Rex) – black metal

Wardruna – Kvitravn – First Flight of the White Raven (By Norse Music) – folk

Wömit Angel – Sadopunk Finland (Godz Ov War Productions) – black / thrash

Zos – The Whole of the Body I Call Zos (I, Voidhanger) – metal


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