Initial Descent: May 29 – June 4, 2022

Temple of Void

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” No need to expound on how real that quote is today. Leaving that to simmer… New metal time and we got another loaded list for your ear holes that kicks off with somewhat of a shift from Temple of Void and no they haven’t gone pop on us, they just built a way better death doom hot rod, Origin pops their head up to remind us that their tech death is still good tech death, Artificial Brain mops the floor up in the avantgarde and wildly experimental death metal chasm, Astronoid gaze it up once again much to the delight of several staffers here, and, of course, many others that will tickle your inner metal kid. Happy hunting and see you here throughout the week.

Temple of Void – Summoning the Slayer (Relapse) – death doom

Origin – Chaosmos (Agonia) – tech death

Artificial Brain – S/T (Profound Lore) – avant-death metal

Astronoid – Radiant Bloom (3DOT Recordings) – post metal gazey deliciousness

Also on tap:

Amulett – Glassbreaker (RipRide) – heavy metal

Antimozdebeast – Mother Earth (Independent) – metal / folk / industrial 

Baron Fantome – La Nuit Fantastique (Throatruiner) – extreme

Borgerlig Begravning – Gor Vad Du Vill (Wild Kingdom) – punk

Breaths – Isolera (Independent) – ambient / drone

Brotality – The Woods Will End You (Rottweiler Records) – progressive thrash

Buried Realm – S/T (Independent) – metal

Cabeza – False King, EP (Independent) – extreme

Corrosive – Death As A Process (Black Sunset / MDD) – death metal

Crucifier – Say Your Prayers (Iron Bonehead) – black / death

Dampf – The Arrival (Gramaphone) – metal

Doubting Thompson – Revelations, EP (Sliptrick) – thrash

Druids – Shadow Work (Pelagic) – psych rock / sludge

Fortis Ventus – Vertalia (Rockshots Records) – symphonic metal

Grave Chalice – Demo MMXXII (Mercurial Gate) – industrial black metal

Grave Infestation – Persecution of the Living (Invictus Productions) – death metal

Gwar – The New Dark Ages! (Pit Records) – gwar

Hagathorn – Björndansen (Nordvis) – folk

Hellevaerder – In De Nevel Van Afgunst (Zwaertgevegt) – black metal

Hypermass – Empyrean (Independent) – metal

Killswitch Engage – Live at the Palladium (Metal Blade) – metal

Kiss Disease – You Met Me at a Strange Time (Svart) – rock

Kollaps – Until the Day I Die (Cold Spring) – industrial 

Las Cruces – Cosmic Tears (Ripple Music) – doom

Likheim – Alt Skal Svinne Hen… (Underground Kvlt Records) – black metal

Lunar Chalice – Trascendentia: The Shadow Pilgrimage (Iron Bonehead) – black metal

Magnatar – Crushed (Seeing Red) – post-metal

Malignant Aura – Abysmal Misfortune is Draped Upon Me (Bitter Loss) – death / doom

Memphis May Fire – Remade In Misery (Rise) – rock

My Diligence – The Matter, The Form and Power (Motlow Soundz) – psych

orphantwin – Future Classic (Solid State) – deathsurf

Pestifer – Age of Disgrace, Remastered (Xenocorp) – death metal

Remains of Destruction – New Dawn (Inverse Records) – power metal

Runespell – Sentinels of Time (Iron Bonehead) – metal

Sacrilegious Crown – Forbidden Vestiges of Veneration, EP (Xenoglossy) – black / doom

Seeking Sirens – Departing Ways (Independent) – rock

Sergeant Thunderhoof – This Sceptered Veil (Pale Wizard) – metal

Shadow’s Mortuary – Unohdettu Maa (Purity Through Fire) – black metal

Sijjeel – Salvation Within Insanity (Comatose Music) – death metal

Somnus Throne – Nemesis Later (Heavy Psych Sounds) – fuzz

The Algorithm – Data Renaissance (FiXT) – synth metal

The Oklahoma Kid – Tangerine Tragic (Arising Empire) – modern metal

The Shenandoah – Electric Company LP1 (Pax Aeternum) – alt-rock

The Slumbering – End of Mortal Will (Trepanation Recordings) – death / doom / electronic 

Thornhill – Heroine (UNFD) – rock

Tishina – Uvod… (Hypnotic Dirge) – melodic death doom

Torn Between Two Worlds – As If We Never Existed, EP (Independent) – metal

Valleyheart – Heal My Head (Tooth & Nail) – rock 

Various Artists – Ukrainian War Refugee Support: A Pelagic Compilation Vol. I & II (Pelagic) – metal

Witchfinder – Endless Garden, EP (Mrs Red Music) – doom

Wrang – De Vaendrig (Dominance of Darkness / Tour de Garde) – black metal


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