Initial Descent: July 3 – 9, 2022


Here in the States we’re celebrating Independence Day which means a lot of things that…you can look up on the interwebs. These days, it’ll be celebrated with tons of fireworks that will go on for far too long, all the breweries will be kept afloat for the next month or so just off this one day, and many of us will have the day off. Whether you celebrate or not, today also means a fresh new batch of metal releases that kicks off with a trio of death metal albums; first up is a vicious one from Altars, second up uncovers some delicious deathgrind from Defect Designer, and the last of this trifecta is of the brutal death and slam variety from Organectomy. Then we’ve got a wicked stoner doom effort from Telekinetic Yeti, and, as always, a long list of other releases worthy of tracking down. Whatever you’re doing today, enjoy, and we’ll be seeing you here throughout the week.

Altars – Ascetic Reflection (Everlasting Spew) – death metal

Defect Designer – Neanderthal (Transcending Obscurity) – deathgrind

Organectomy – Nail Below Nail (Unique Leader) – brutal death / slam

Telekinetic Yeti - Primordial

Telekinetic Yeti – Primordial (Tee Pee) – stoner doom

Also on tap:

Alburnum – Buttenlucht (Babylon Doom Cult) – folk / black

American Terror – Where We Are (Independent) – metal / punk

Amongst Liars – S/T (Earache) – rock

Anticreation – From the Dust of Embers (Sentient Ruin / Nuclear Winter) – black/death metal

Arctic – S/T, EP (Darkwoods) – melodic doom

Beth Blade and the Beautiful Disasters – Mythos, Confession, Tragedies and Love (Beautiful Disasters) – rock

Black Nazareth – S/T (Wormholedeath) – hard rock / metal

Blackwater Drowning – Sonder//Satori (Independent) – death metal

Cleanbreak – Coming Home (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) – rock

Dead Tired – Satan Will Follow You Home (New Damage) – metal

Farewell to Fear – Polarity (Crusader) – rock

Foresaken Eternity – A Kingdom of Ice (Rottweiler) – symphonic black metal

Greylotus – Dawnfall (The Artisan Era) – prog tech death

Hiroe – Wrought (Pelagic) – post-metal

HolyRoller – Swimming Witches (Black Doomba) – stoner

Kanine – Karnage (Lacerated Enemy) – deathcore

Lord Elephant – Cosmic Awakening (Heavy Psych Sounds) – instru-stoner

Negative 13 – Mourning Asteri (Independent) – doomcore

Opponent – Sentinel (Tooth & Nail) – rock

Pestilent Hex – The Ashen Abhorrance (Debemur Morti) – metal

postcards from new zealand – nin-an-ak (Independent) – extreme metal

Seep – Hymns to the Gore (Extremely Rotten Productions) – death/doom

Set the Sun – In Absentia, EP (Independent) – rock

Spektrvm – Blood For Heaven (Sliptrick) – heavy metal

Sweet Freedom – According to Jorgen Schelander (Melodic Passion) – rock

The Atrophic – Coagulating Mirth (Independent) – tech melodic death metal

The Frozen Autumn – Pale Awakening (Avantgarde Music) — darkwave

The Machinist – All Is Not Well (Prosthetic Records) – extreme hardcore

The World Without Us – Body Forth (Independent) – prog death

Traitor – Last Hope for the Wretched (First Blood Family) – metal

Unholdun – S/T, EP (Purity Through Fire) – black metal

Vomit Forth – Seething Malevolence (Century Media) – death metal

Wormrot – Hiss (Earache) – grind

Written In Torment – Black Command (Purity Through Fire) – black metal

Zarraza – Kreated In Blood, EP (Independent) – thrash


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