CANTO: Blind Guardian, Distant, Unsane, and More

Coming at ya a little later because everything is chaos.

  • Unsane have some West Coast tour dates next February. If a ticket link ever emerges, or if I manage to spend more than five seconds looking for one, we’ll be sure to circle back with that. Maybe.
  • If you want some deathcore fresh out of The Netherlands, spend a few minutes with Distant. Here is the video for the new standalone single “Human Scum”. They’re also on tour over in Europe, if you happen to be in those parts.
  • A second tour to announce today comes from Sleep Signals. The Death Do Us Part Tour with QUOR also includes a handful of West Coast dates, mostly in December. Tickets go on sale this coming Friday.
  • Plum Green was a recent discovery that I’ve really appreciated, so here’s a cover The Sisters of Mercy’s “Valentine”, over at The Obelisk. As a reminder, Somnambulistic is out now through Nefarious Industries.
  • Somehow I still haven’t gotten around to listening to The God Machine, but we’re still going to close with Blind Guardian. Below is the video for “Life Beyond The Spheres”. That album is out now through Nuclear Blast.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

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