Initial Descent: December 11 – 17, 2022


Holly jolly and all that mess… Anyway, we’re getting down to the last couple of these new release lists of this year, but rest assured there’s a cavalcade locked and loaded to roll out for 2023, already. So, business as usual ‘round these parts. And with that, let’s roll… Right on cue for the inevitable Best of 2022 listbusters, here comes Misþyrming to do just that with an outing that looks to surpass their previous efforts, and that’s saying something. Next up we’ve got another black metal release from Dødsengel and a doom outing from Arche that, spoiler alert, you may be hearing more about later this week. Elsewhere in this list, and as forecasted, the average of quality has not waned one bit so there’s still some balls out rockers that need your attention. Go get some and we’ll be seeing you here throughout the week.

Misþyrming – Með hamri (NoEvDia) – black metal

Dødsengel – Bab Al On (Debemur Morti) – black metal

Arche – Transitions (Transcending Obscurity) – doom

Also on tap:

Absolute Darkness – Failure of State (Sliptrick) – thrash / death

Azketem – Azetik (Urtod) – black metal

Bloodclot – Souls (Upstate) – metallic hardcore

Congealed Putrescence – Within the Ceaseless Murk (Caligari Records) – death metal

Coraxo – Luna (Snow Wave) – rock

Død Håp – Black Sun (Darkness Within) – post black metal

Empty – Omnia Amet Lorem (Drakkar / A Fine Day To Die / Vertebrae / Negra Nit) – black metal

Gosudar / Malignant Altar – Split (Me Saco Un Ojo / Rotted Life) – death metal

Green King – Hidden Beyond Time (The Sign) – heavy metal

Hartlight – From Midland and Beyond, EP (WormHoleDeath) – metal

Hellish – The Dance of the Four Elemental Serpents (Dying Victims / Unspeakable Axe) – black / thrash

Krvna – For Thine Is The Kingdom Of The Flesh (Third Eye / Ancient Dead) – black metal

Kuolemanlaakso – Kuolleiden Iaula (Svart) – death / doom

Mallus Spiritus – Vultures of Despair (Raging Planet) – black metal

Mare Infinitum – Cryosleep (Solitude Productions) – symphonic doom/death

Masser – Chain of Gifts (Independent) – atmospheric metal

Mos Generator – Time//Wounds (Independent) – rock

Nigrum – Elevenfold Tail (Into Endless Chaos) – black metal

Rampage – Veil of Mourn (Relics From The Crypt) – metal

Siberian Tusk – Reapers By Trade (Hidden Noise) – stoner rock

Sortilege – Larmes de heros (Relics From The Crypt) – heavy metal

The Island – Purgatory (Trepanation) – prog rock

The Wring – Spectra (WormHoleDeath) – prog

Uncommon Evolution – Fry (Argonauta) – stoner rock 

Xexyz – Gamera (Super Sargasso) – chiptune

xygrbryrx – Cunning Punts (Independent) – extreme


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