Initial Descent: January 29 – February 4, 2023


It seems like just yesterday we were regaling our favorites from 2022…maybe because we just finished BUT that’s not the point. The point is, it’s nearly February already. Where the hell did January go? Doesn’t matter, but you know what does matter? This week’s batch of new metal and we’ll kick that off with one of my most anticipated albums from Sanguisugabogg who have indeed matured just a bit (context) but are still heavily brutal and still the ‘bogg I know and love, you will too. Then we’ve got the always reliable death metal powerhouse of Memoriam, doom and post-metallers WuW return, and Endorphins Lost trip the powerviolence trigger and once again prove their namesake. That’s a slappin’ top four but as always, we’re not even close to done so jump in and happy hunting. See you back here throughout the week.

Sanguisugabogg – Homicidal Ecstasy (Century Media) – death metal

Memoriam - Rise To Power

Memoriam – Rise To Power (Reaper Entertainment) – death metal [interview]

WuW – L’Orchaostre (Pelagic) – doom / post-metal

Endorphins Lost – Night People (Rotten to the Core / To Live a Lie) – powerviolence

Also on tap:

A Diadem of Dead Stars – Emerald Sunsets (Ill Damnation) – black metal

Act of Impalement – Infernal Ordinance (Caligari) – death / crust

All Out War – Celestial Rot (Translation Loss Records) – metalcore

Black Mold – The Unnatural Red Glow of the Night (Helldprod) – black / punk

Black Water Sunset – Engraved Spectral Aeons (Independent) – death metal

Blackwülf – Thieves & Liars (Ripple Music) – stoner

Carathis – Moonstone & Amethyst (Personal Records) – black metal

Clouds Taste Satanic – Tales of Demonic Possession (Majestic Mountain) – doom

Cromworx – S/T (Northern Silence Productions) – dungeon synth

Death Feast – Risen From The Tomb (Haloran / Larvae) – death / thrash

Debauchery – Cranial Indulgence, Reissue & Remaster (Vargheist) – death metal

Disinter – Breaker of Bones (Pest) – death metal

Elderseer – Drown In The Shallowness (Meuse Music Records) – gothic doom

Eyes – Congratulations (Indisciplinarian) – hardcore

Fugit – Morphogenetic Fractal Hologram (Independent) – post black metal

Fvnerals – Let The Earth Be Silent (Prophecy Productions) – dark ambient doom

Godiva – Hubris (Independent) – symphonic death metal 

Grave Next Door – Sanctified Heathen (Black Doomba) – stoner doom

Hellwalker – S/T (Rot’Em) – death metal

Holy Water – S/T (Primal Architecture / Time Release) – doom / post-punk

Jupiter Zeus – Frequency Prison (Independent) – rock

Laughing Stock – Songs for the Future (Apollon Prog) – prog

Matt Miller – Decrepit Shed, Remixed (Blood Blast Distribution) – instrumental tech metal

Mithridatum – Harrowing (Willowtip) – black / death

Narrative – Servants of the Prophets, Martyrs of Men (Independent) – black metal

Nemesism – S/T (Independent) – brutal death

Palace of Worms – Cabal (Acephale Winter Productions) – avantgarde

Polymeras – Dreams & Realities I (Independent) – psych

Rexoria – Imperial Dawn (Black Lodge Records) – heavy/power metal

Russkaja – Turbo Polka Party (Napalm) – punk / ska / polka

Ser – In Fade of Memories (In Fade of Memories) – depressive black metal

Skratte – Akt II: Des Wolfes Klagen (Northern Silence) – folk / black

Stahv – Simple Mercies (Independent) – doomgaze

The Freqs – Poachers (Independent) – stoner rock

Xandria – The Wonders Still Awaiting (Napalm) – symphonic metal


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