Album Review: Stormo — “Endocannibalismo”

Prosthetic Records has been on something of a tear lately. From last year’s excellent Phobophilic album to upcoming releases from Dawn Ray’d and Sunrot, the label has been scooping up talent both new and established and seeing their artists release some of their best works underneath the PR banner. One release I have been particularly looking forward to is Endocannibalismo, the newest release from Italian hardcore act Stormo; while not a name I would have guessed I would see alongside the rest of Prosthetic’s roster, they nevertheless have risen to the challenge of putting out an album that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the rest of the quality the label is putting out as of late.

Stormo are a band that tripped my radar back in the days when I was running a now-dormant (hopefully to be resurrected one day) screamo column on this site called Chaos is Me. In 2019, when the band were styling their name Storm{O}, their release Finis Terrae ended up on a 2019 retrospective after growing on me with repeat listens. While there was a lot to like about what Stormo had going on for that record, if I had anything resembling a complaint, I would say that it felt like a lot of gas with very little brakes; the band specialize in a kind of dark, unrelenting, chaotic hardcore that borrows heavily from powerviolence, grind, and mathier strains of the genre, producing something that is chock full of riffs but felt more like an album that happened around me than an album I could find something to grab onto.

I am very pleased to say that Endocannibalismo is a magnificent step forward in that respect from the very beginning. While the songs here very often reach the same dizzying levels of chaos that I remember, there feels like a very concerted effort in the songwriting to inject more memorable hooks into the music, and the result is an album that feels much more focused and pointed than its predecessor. The juxtaposition of the slow, crunchy, atmospheric chords and the raging tempest they build towards as in opener “Valichi, Oltre” manages to make both the heavier and more melodic sections that much more effective at what they do. It’s an exercise in restraint that a good deal of other hardcore bands could take lessons from.

stormo band

Endocannibalismo is an album that improves upon the formula Stormo have been working on in every way, and feels very appropriate as their debut for a label with a wider audience than the band have had to date. It is a powerful, cathartic, and memorable album that I feel confident in saying is already a high water mark for hardcore this year.

– Vincent

Endocannibalismo will be available February 10th on Prosthetic Records. For more information on Stormo, visit their official website.

One thought on “Album Review: Stormo — “Endocannibalismo”

  1. nxero February 9, 2023 / 1:55 am

    STORMO stands out as one of my fave bands at the moment. I can’t wait to grab the record and I’m more than happy when I hear that somebody liked it!

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