Initial Descent: February 26 – March 4, 2023

Welcome back to another edition of “here’s a long list of new metal releases.” Or, Initial Descent as we know it. Anyway, this is the week that many have been anticipating since we’ve got new Enslaved so do that if it’s your thing. We’ve also got some rippin’ deathgrind from Maggot Crown, excellent swemelodeath from Majesties, and a devastating split between Full of Hell and Primitive Man. So yea, killer week of new releases. AND, we’ve got tons more so jump in and get some. See you here throughout the week.

Enslaved – Heimdal (Nuclear Blast) – black / prog metal

Maggot Crown - Apparition of Faces

Maggot Crown – Apparition of Faces (Vargheist) – deathgrind

Majesties – Vast Reaches Unclaimed (20 Buck Spin) – swemelodeath [interview]

Full of Hell Primitive Man - Suffocating Hallucination

Full of Hell + Primitive Man – Suffocating Hallucination (Closed Casket Activities) – destruction

Also on tap:

71TonMan – Of End Times (Transcending Obscurity Records) – sludge/doom

Absolon – A Portrait of Madness (Sliptrick) – heavy metal

At the Altar of the Horned God – Heart Of Silence (I, Voidhanger Records) – black metal

Bagorah – The Art of Deviant Behavior (Independent) – progressive heavy rock

Baltavar – Dark Science (WormHoleDeath) – thrash

Carma – Ossadas (Monumental Rex) – black / doom

Colpocleisis – Elegant Degradation (Reality Fade Records) – brutal slam death

Crime Scene – Dark Tidings 9 (American Leather / Reality) – thrash / crossover

Cromlech – Ascent of Kings (Hessian Firm) – doom

Deiphage – Nuclear Cavalry, EP (Independent) – black / death

Digital Negative – EP 2 (Independent) – grind

Disminded – The Vision (Independent) – death metal

Earth Groans – Tongue Tied, EP (Solid State Records) – metallic hardcore

Entheos – Time Will Take Us All (Metal Blade) – prog death

Flesh Grinder / Lymphatic Phlegm – From Rotten Process…to Splatter / Malignant Cancerous Tumour In the Epithelial Tissue of the Intestine (Gurgling Gore / Scumlord) – goregrind

Fvzz Popvli – III (Retro Vox) – rock

Gravekvlt – S/T (Frozen Records) – black ‘n’ roll

HamaSaari – Ineffable (Klonosphere) – prog rock

Haradwaith – The M-Theory (Nihilistische KlangKunst) – black metal

Havemeyer – Slacker (Crazysane) – post-punk

John DeMena – Dreams and Lies (ADA) – rock

Kekal – Eternitarian: The Essential Kekal 1995 – 2022 (Independent) – metal

Kold – Intet Mere Er (Vendetta) – black metal

Korrupt – Secret Sorrows (Holler) – black / hardcore

Lawrence Wallace – Compilation Songs (Independent) – metal

Littu – Accolti de antiche radici (Independent) – post-metal

Lunar – The Illusionist (Saibot Reigns Records) – progressive metal

Maledictis – Breathing In Vain (Independent) – gothic chamber metal

Mural Crown – Coastal Towers (Xenoglossy Productions) – black metal

Nächtlich – Third Ritual (Inferna Profundus) – black metal

Necropanther – Betrayal (Independent) – death / thrash

Nomad – The Mountain (Independent) – prog death

Nuclear Holocaust – Sailing The Seas Of Nuclear Waste (Selfmadegod Records) – grindcore

Object of Affection – Field of Appearances (Profound Lore) – rock

Ocean of Grief – Pale Existence (Personal) – doom / death

Old Castles / Winterstorm – Everlasting Black Arts In Supreme Darkness (Inferna Profundus) – black metal

Phantom Fire – Eminente Lucifer Libertad (Edged Circle) – black / speed

Plague Bearer – Summoning Apocalyptic Devastation (Nameless Grave Records) – death metal

Poseidon – S/T (Brucia) – folk metal

Sandrider – Enveletration (Satanik Royalty) – rock

Skrying Mirror – Omnimalevolence (I, Voidhanger Records) – industrial black/death

Solus Grief – With a Last Exhale (Purity Through Fire) – black metal

Sortilège – Apocalypso (Verycords) – metal

Stargazer – Life Will Never Be The Same (Mighty Music) – rock

Stoned Jesus – Father Light (Season of Mist) – stoner metal

Temptress – See (Metal Assault) – rock

Terminal – R.A.T.S. (Trepanation Recordings) – industrial / post-punk

Terveet Kädet – Kaikki kaikkia vastaan (Svart Records) – hardcore punk

Thunderblood – The Final Beginning (Independent) – metal

Tombstone – To the Existence of Light (Gutter Prince Cabal) – black metal

Tragedy – I Am Woman (Napalm) – metal

Trench Dogs – Stockholmiana (Wild Kingdom) – rock

Unholy Craft – Naar All Tid Er Omme (Purity Through Fire) – black metal

Vanishment – No More Torture (Dead Sage) – metal [premiere]

Vermineux / Prieuré – Split, EP (Purity Through Fire) – metal

Villagers of Ioannina City – Through Space and Time (Napalm) – psych

Witch Ripper – The Flight after the Fall (Magnetic Eye) – sludge

Witchthroat Serpent – Trove Of Oddities at the Devil’s Driveway (Heavy Psych Sounds) – doom metal

Yaaroth – The Man In The Wood (I, Voidhanger Records) – progressive doom rock


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