Initial Descent: March 19 – 25, 2023


In the interest of this post’s spirit, this is a week I’ve been looking forward to for some time. To the point, that’s the point of these. If that makes sense. Anyway, we’ve got four titans across two genres in the highlight spots. First up is the long anticipated third album from Angerot who split death metal right down the middle and stomp on its entrails then we’ve got a stunning display of technical death metal precision from Maze of Sothoth. Second, we’ve got a duo of black metal to the tune of two seriously heavy hitters: Xalpen and Mork. Plus, there’s a ton more releases hiding out below so this week will be a fun one for all of us. Happy hunting and see you here throughout the week. 

Angerot – The Profound Recreant (Redefining Darkness) – death metal

Maze Of Sothoth – Extirpated Light (Everlasting Spew) – death metal

Xalpen – The Curse of Kwányep (Black Lodge) – black metal 

Mork – Dypet (Peaceville) – black metal

Also on tap:

400 Lonely Things – Mother Moon (Cold Spring) – ambient / drone

Acid King – Beyond Vision (Blues Funeral) – doom / psych

Alex Nunziati – Black Space Void (Moribund) – thrash

Animalize – Tales From the Crypt (Dying Victims Productions) – heavy metal

Aphotic – Abyssgazer (Sentient Ruin) – death/doom

Asylum Pyre – Call Me Inhuman (Independent) – power metal

Atomic Trip – Strike #3 (Tentacles Industries) – stoner doom

August Burns Red – Death Below (SharpTone Records) – modern metal

Black Rabbit – Hypnosomnia (Independent) – death thrash

Catacomb – When the Stars Are Right (Xtreem Music) – death metal

Category VI – Firecry (Moribund) – heavy metal

Choir – Songs for a Tarnished World (Total Dissonance Worship) – extreme metal

Danama – Did you know? (Epictronic) – rock

Dawn Ray’d – To Know The Light (Prosthetic) – black metal

Eisenkult – Vulgäre, deutsche Hassmusik (Purity Through Fire) – black metal

Electric Callboy – TEKKNO, Tour Edition (Century Media Records) – electronicore

Emetropia – An Acoustic Endeavor (Independent) – symphonic metal

Endless, Nameless – Living Without (Silent Pendulum) – hardcore / grind / prog

Excalion – Once Upon a Time (Scarlet Records) – prog power metal

Fatso Jetson/Dali’s Llama – Legends of the Desert Vol. 3 (Desert Records) – desert rock

Firmament – We Don’t Rise, We Just Fall (Dying Victims Productions) – metal

Forcefed Horsehead – Monoceros (Owlripper) – deathgrind

Forty Feet Tall – Tunnel Vision (Magnetic Moon) – indie rock

Gatekeeper – From Western Shores (Cruz Del Sur Music) – heavy metal

Grand Royale – Welcome To Grime Town (The Sign) – rock

Hanging Garden – The Garden (Agonia) – goth / doom

Hatesphere – Hatred Reborn (Scarlet) – thrash

Hellcrash – Demonic Assassination (Dying Victims Productions) – speed

Hypnodrone Ensemble – The Signal In The Signal (Trepanation Recordings) – krautrock

Ihsahn – Fascination Street Sessions (Candlelight) – Ihsahn metal

Illuminated Void – Veriditas (Indepednent) – prog death/doom

Judith Alice – Resolute (Secret Entertainment) – rock

Kärbholz – Kapitel 11: Barrikaden (Metalville) – rock

Lankester Merrin – Dark Mother Rises (Black Sunset) – melodic metal

Les Dunes – S/T (Apollon) – slow-core

Mace ‘N’ Chain – Among Ancient Pillars (No Remorse) – death metal

Marianas Rest – Auer (Napalm) – melancholic metal

Matt Geary – Ghost In The Western Trap (Independent) – prog

MDXX – S/T (No Remorse) – heavy metal

Metasphæra – Einheit (Independent) – prog death

Morass of Molasses – End All We Know (Ripple Music) – heavy blues

My Absence By Now – Bliss (The Circle Music) – dark synth

Ne Obliviscaris – Exul (Season of Mist) – progressive metal

Nemesis Inferi – The Mowing Devil (WormHoleDeath) – rock

OTTTO – Life is a Game (ORG) – thrash / punk

Ov Sulfur – The Burden Ov Faith (Century Media Records) – black metal

Primal – Humachine (NoLifeTilMetal) – power metal

Project 86 – OMNI Part 1 (Independent) – sci-fi

Qadmon – Ghosted, EP (Independent) – doom / goth

Rainbow Bridge – Drive (Independent) – psych blues

Sophist – Avenger…Liberator… (Independent) – grind / black / death

Spectral Lore – 11 Days (Independent) – experimental

Subway To Sally – Himmelfahrt (Napalm Records) – gothic metal

The Black Cat’s Eye – The Empty Space Between A Seamount And Shock-Headed Julia (Tonzonen Records) – psych rock

The Turin Horse – Unsavory Impurities (Reptilian) – noise

Void of Light – Enshroud, EP (Trepanation Recordings) – post-metal

Whore of Bethlehem – Ritual of Homicide (Comatose) – black / death

Woe Unto Me – Along the Meandering Ordeals, Reshape the Pivot of Harmony (M-Theory) – doom

Xysma – No Place Like Alone (Svart) – metal

Yevabog – Between Two Fires (Sliptrick) – progressive black metalZØRORMR – The Monolith (Via Nocturna) – black metal


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