Acid King’s Lori S. on their new album “Beyond Vision” and much more!

Acid King

Thirty years is a long time, but this year marks exactly that for San Francisco’s Acid King. And, they’re still the lords of doom and the almighty riff even this far in. Zoroaster and Busse Woods stand as deeply seminal albums as well as stone cold classics. Beyond Vision is an excellent continuation of their legacy but also marks a chance to really hear its members stretch out and reach for the sky in ways we’ve never heard before. Buke recently had the chance to speak with Lori S. on the new album and how it came to be, they also discuss her extremely storied history and career, and so much more. Lori is absolutely a legend and should be protected at all costs. We now bring you this conversation in its entirety so grab your beverage of choice, a seat, and enjoy.

Acid King - Beyond Vision

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Beyond Vision
is available now on Blues Funeral Recordings. For more information on Acid King, visit their official website.

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