The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Enslaved was March 2023’s Album of the Month!

There’s no doubt as to whether or not Enslaved are household names at this point in their career, and have been for quite some time. With the release of Heimdal our back office halls went nuts so it was the obvious choice for the March Album of the Month pick. Well… maybe not obvious as in landslide but close. The rest of that story will surface during this discussion as Buke once again captions the episode alongside several of our usual suspects as they cover this album, catch-up discussions since last time, an enormous section on everything else that tripped their triggers across March, and the usual banter back and forth on literally anything and everything. Pro tip: pack a lunch and a case of beer, this one’s lengthy.

In other words, just another Album of the Month episode of the Nine Circles Audio Thing.

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In the meantime, keep it heavy…keep it safe…and we’ll see you next time!

Heimdal is available now on Nuclear Blast. For more information on Enslaved, visit their official website.

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