Cattle Decapitation’s Josh Elmore on their new album “Terrasite” and much more!

Cattle Decapitation
Image courtesy of Nick Van Vidler

No one, and I mean no one in the extreme metal game has given us a better glimpse of what our impending apocalypse is going to look/feel/sound like than Cattle Decapitation. For the past nine albums the band have blazed a nasty deathgrind path and put the exclamation mark on it all with their last crowning achievement Death Atlas. So, where to go from there? How about deeper exploration of the textures and ambiance from that album and somehow coming away with a superior final product in the form of Terrasite! Crazy but oh so true. You’ll hear it soon enough but for now, our man Buke got a chance to chat with guitarist Josh Elmore about the new album, some history, their upcoming tour, and a whole lot more. We now bring you this conversation in its entirety so grab your beverage of choice, a seat, and enjoy.

Cattle Decapitation - Terrasite

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will be available May 12 on Metal Blade Records. For more information on Cattle Decapitation, visit their Facebook page.

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