Throwback Thursday: Oh hey, Black Sabbath Vol. 4!

Time for another edition of Throwback Thursday! This week, let’s take a look back at an album that turns 42 today–Black Sabbath’s Vol. 4!

Vol. 4 brought on quite a few changes for Black Sabbath–HA! See what I did there? For one, they moved out of their native UK and set up shop in Los Angeles to record. Second, well…drugs. Lots of them. Throughout the recording sessions, the band had entire speaker boxes full of cocaine delivered to them in the studio, with heroin and their usual drinking also playing a role. (It got so bad that at one point, the band came home to find drummer Bill Ward naked in a drug-fueled stupor, and then spray-painted him gold and covered him in lacquer–resulting, naturally, in a trip to the emergency room.)

In spite of these, erm, obstacles, the band managed to put out their most ambitious and experimental album up to that point. Admittedly, some songs definitely hold up better than others today; stuff like “Snowblind” and “Tomorrow’s Dream” still kick ass, but while “FX” might have seemed like a cool idea at the time–hey guys, let’s hit Tony’s guitar strings with random objects and record the noises!–it just seems a little stupid today.) All told, though, Vol. 4 is one of Sabbath’s most easily revisitable albums, and very much a treat to listen to end-to-end.

So for today’s #tbt, let’s listen back to one of our favorites from Vol. 4–the riffy ball of awesomeness that is “Supernaut.” Check it out:

Happy 42nd, Vol. 4! Check back later on for today’s Quickies!


Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.

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