Throwback Thursday: Birthdays Galore! (Tony Iommi, Michael Gira and more)

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So in preparation for today’s #tbt post, I was looking through Wikipedia’s entry for February 19—what with my recent complete-throwing-in-of-the-towel with regard to @ThisDayInMetal and all—and happened upon the “Births” section. Now, this might shock you, but I’m not good at remembering album release dates. Vague approximations (seasonal, usually) are pretty much all I’m good for on that front. So this whole “finding a famous metalhead’s birthday” route seemed as good an idea as any, and was it ever. Look who’s celebrating another year of aging today!



What can you say? What more needs to be said? Black Sabbath founder, riff lord to end the very concept of riff lordship, and most importantly, LEGEND. Tony’s 67 today, so here’s a classic from my favorite era of Black Sabbath—a live performance of “Voodoo” from Radio City Music Hall in 2007:

Why yes, I did just imply that I prefer Dio-era Sabbath to Ozzy-era Sabbath. I’ll defend that any damn day of the week. RIP Ronnie.



Another guy that needs no introduction. As the leader of seminal experimental band Swans, Gira’s been responsible for some of the most influential—and okay…at times, weirdest—dark music out there. He’s 61 today, so to pay tribute, here’s one of the band’s heaviest, most fucked up moments ever—the first song on their first album—“Stay Here”

And finally…


BritWeek Gala Dinner Benefiting LA's BEST "Joy Of Reading"

Is Seal metal? Of course not. Do I give a fuck? I give negative fucks. THE DUDE HAS A VOICE THAT COULD END A GODDAMN WAR. Enough said. Challenge me on this and I will fight you. Anyway, Seal’s 52 today, so here’s the video for “Crazy,” which somehow is turning 25 years old later this year because goddamn everything to hell:

Anyway, that’ll do it for today’s Throwback. Check back later for reviews, Quickies and more!

Keep it heavy,


Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.

One thought on “Throwback Thursday: Birthdays Galore! (Tony Iommi, Michael Gira and more)

  1. headovmetal February 20, 2015 / 12:22 pm

    That Seal song ruled 1991 radio, or else I’d stab myself in the ears listening to Bryan Adams or Color Me Badd! The only thing better that year that was easily accessible was Queensryche Empire.

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