Album Review: Blasphemic Cruelty – “Crucible of the Infernum”

blasphemic cruelty crucible of the infernum

Seven years after their debut LP, Devil’s Mayhem, avid Tampa Satanists Blasphemic Cruelty have returned with a new EP, Crucible of the Infernum. And luckily, their dark brand of death-laden thrash has not relented. All told, the EP is shockingly fantastic, and a particularly welcome surprise for those who may have thought the band no longer existed.

Throughout the EP, Blasphemic Cruelty dial up the ’80s themed thrash and pair it off with a more modern take on death metal. Drummer Gina Ambrosio plays with the energy of a psychotic and possessed toddler. Alex Blume’s Satanic vocals are relentless, and Gene Palubicki returns from his other project, Perdition Temple, to shred up a storm. His guitar work is not only impressive, it’s downright clinical. From the simple, chugging power riffs to the blistering solos, his tasteful playing carries the melody necessary for the thrash label.

It all adds up to a band—and a record—that sounds as pissed off as ever. Crucible of the Infernum features three original songs and a cover from one of their main influences, Sodom. And aside from that Sodom cover (“The Crippler”), the songs each clock in at around five minutes. It’s a quick and entirely vicious end-to-end listen.

It’s great to see a band written off for dead emerge from the grave with such ferocity. Cherish Crucible of the Infernum for as long as you can. After all, it may end up being another seven years before Blasphemic Cruelty release anything new.


Crucible of the Infernum is available now on Hells Headbangers. For more information on Blasphemic Cruelty, visit the band’s Facebook page.

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