Visions ov Hell: Netherlands – “Elephuck”

Netherlands - Elephuck

Here we are again on a Monday, and it’s either going to be a good one or a rough start to the week but either way why not start it on the right foot. For this edition of Visions ov Hell we take a wild journey with Elephuck from Netherlands. Trust me when I say that after several times through this thing — it will have your brain spinning. But the sounds that follow along will have you bobbing your head as well so it’s a throughly enjoyable win – win.

We’ve featured Netherlands before (here and here) to get you pumped for their upcoming release Audubon. And now with “Elephuck” being their third single, with accompanying video no less, you should be primed and ready for the June 17 release date. Sound wise the band has changed it up with each single, not a lot but just enough to keep you guessing. This time out its a hypnotic and reverberating sludgy groove that is — yet again — catchy but heavy in a downtuned way. Think Sabbath murdering a bass rhythm with Torche taking care of the pacing and you’re getting close. As we’ve heard previously, frontman Timo Ellis still hits those echoed high notes that are extremely infectious and the band as a whole prove they are a patchwork quilt of many different colors. Which is one reason why they are such a breath of fresh air and furthers the fact that I can’t get enough of them.


For this visual trip the band tapped a different director in Eric Leiser who is a filmmaker/animator that is responsible for the utterly wicked experimental animation in Eclectic Shorts, he and this shorts collection can be found here. What he came up with in this video is trippy, psychedelic and visually stunning. Different shapes floating fluidly with glimpses of still shots flashing in frame. Creepy claymation characters bob and weave to the beat as shots of human anatomy being peeled away burn your vision. As the song reaches its apex there is a multi take shot of a skeleton shucking bones until there’s nothing left and the bones fall, punctuating the apex you’re currently hearing. But it’s the ghostly image of a winged skeleton that burns itself into memory more so than anything else. No matter how many times I watch this thing it’s tough to recall exactly what my eyes have seen. As we’ve seen before, this band is a very visual one and this video does not disappoint. And likewise for the song, which now makes three from their upcoming album that should have you excited to hear the whole thing.

So without further ado, dive in below and enjoy your Monday…

– Josh

Audubon will be available June 17 on Prosthetic Records. For more information on Netherlands visit the band’s official website.

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