Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – August 19, 2016


Of all the putrid civilizations to populate this wretched earth, few of them have learned how to please our dark lord. Even the Nordic tribes with their human sacrifice have failed to ascend to true levels of appeasement in His eyes. Greece may have come the closest. Rampant sodomy, infanticide and prostitution made the heart of Greek civilization a debaucherous hellhole in which He was pleased. Thus, on this disgusting Friday on which you shall die, I bring you an album from Greek horde Death Courier. While normally I would bring you the blackest of metal, this production provides a blend of death and thrash. Sonically, it pleases Him.

Enjoy this composition that hails such noble tasks as murdering those who seek to control you and biochemical warfare. Death, on the highest scale, is pleasurable to Him. Spend your weekend engaged in sodomy, blood and ritual sacrifice for the destruction of your beloved earth is not far off.

Hail Satan,

Ritual Grim

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