Special Stream: Uprising – “Uprising”


Tomorrow, Tridroid Records will be doing a special cassette reissue for Uprising‘s self titled black metal behemoth and if you missed it the first time around take this opportunity to get acquainted. It’s an album that has the teeth and bite of early black metal yet ushers itself into the modern day scene with a heavy dose of atmospherics. For right now we have a special stream of the entire album just ahead of this reissue, after the jump.

In true early wave of black metal fashion, the band offers no bio information and has said that none will be given if requested. They want to be known strictly for their music and nothing else — based on the stream below they have something good to be known for. Really, in this day and age of too much information this approach is commendable and, at this point, remains to be seen if they can keep their anonymity. The only thing that was offered was this quote taken from the track “Ravens In Dark Skies”:

“Burn down their strongholds
let them suffer for what they have done
for keeping your dreams in chains
for stealing your life, it is time to uprise and let the ravens sing”

Uprising will be available January 6 on Tridroid Records webshop and Bandcamp page. For more information on Uprising good luck and let the mysticism reign.

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