Visions ov Hell: Overkill – “Goddamn Trouble”


Overkill has been around for 37 years. Roll that around on your tongue 3…7… years. And with what will be, as of this week with The Grinding Wheel, 18 full length albums it is nothing short of amazing that the band is still as good as they ever were. Personally I count Taking Over, Horrorscope and I Hear Black as some of the best thrash/heavy metal on the planet. And really they haven’t let off the gas since the early days, the formula from the beginning has been the same — come in at 1,000 mph and forget the brakes. Today on Visions ov Hell we take a look at “Goddamn Trouble” taken from The Grinding Wheel which is out later this week. Jump in the fire…

First off, the music. If you’ve been a fan then this will be exactly what you’re expecting. If not then you are in for a straight ahead heavy metal by way of thrash attack on the senses. And if you stayed up late like I did for the Super Bowl you need this right now, and you need it worse than coffee. The beauty of this song and furthermore Overkill as a whole is that the music is fist pumping adrenaline and neck snapping thrash metal from a band that has been there since the beginning but hasn’t changed a bit nor have they conformed to trends or status quo. Seriously go back and listen to “Nice Day…for a Funeral” or “Spiritual Void”, just to name a couple, and tell me they’ve missed a step, at all. Dare ya. And really Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth just gets better with age, his vocals are just as tight and soaring as they’ve ever been. Anyway, this song is exactly what we need right now — a reason to be reminiscently happy in something and why not something from the metal arena. So embrace it and have fun with it.

The video could have been from any year between now and 1980, when the band got started. It’s a tale of teen angst at its best. Young kid with a Walkman — cassette player for you youngsters — has a drink, cues up the latest from Overkill and proceeds to do his best to rule the town. Mischief, relationship problems and painting graffiti on city property finds this kid in jail by the end of the video. No era of this bands existence is without this sort of angst and now, probably more than ever, it is front and center with a place in time that is heavy on uncertainty as well as anger and protest. The video was produced by Jeremy Batchelor and directed by Kevin Custer, honestly they captured the energy of Overkill and the energy of this song perfectly. So without further ado, take a look and listen for yourself. No better way to kick off a Monday and no better band to do it with.

– Josh

The Grinding Wheel will be available February 10 on Nuclear Blast. For more information on Overkill visit their official website.

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