Initial Descent: July 16 – 22, 2017

Sun of the Sleepless - Schwadorf
Sun Of the Sleepless (Schwadorf)

Another moment in time and another terrible loss with the tragic death of Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)…and another reason that if you know someone who is struggling reach out, without judgement, and do something…anything, you can to help. Our thoughts go out to family, friends, bandmates and everyone else affected by this.

This week here on Initial Descent we have much to explore but kicking things off is the black metal meets poetic beauty of To the Elements from Sun Of the Sleepless. Next up is the bone rattling death metal of Whore of Bethlehem on Extinguish the Light, more death metal follows from Decrepit Birth with Axis Mundi and rounding out the top slots this week is the darker yet slightly more punk infused Pillar of Fire from Tau Cross. But wait, there’s more to follow so keep reading and keep listening.

Sun of the Sleepless - To the Elements

Sun Of the Sleepless – To the Elements (Prophecy Productions) – black metal [feature]

Whore Of Bethlehem - Extinguish The Light

Whore of Bethlehem – Extinguish the Light (Black Market Metal Label) – brutal death metal

Decrepit Birth - Axis Mundi

Decrepit Birth – Axis Mundi (Nuclear Blast/Agonia) – death metal

Tau Cross - Pillar of Fire

Tau Cross – Pillar of Fire (Relapse Records) – crust, heavy metal

Also on tap:

A Stick and a Stone – The Long Lost Art of Getting Lost (Sentient Ruin/Breathe Plastic/Spirit House) – experimental doom metal

Auditory Armory – Dark Matter (Independent) – alt-metal

Barbarian – S/T, 7″ EP (Hells Headbangers) – black metal

Bloody Times – Destructive Singles, EP (Triton’s Orbit) – heavy metal

Cytotoxin – Gammageddon (Unique Leader) – death metal

Dark Sanctuary – Metal (Avantgarde Music) – atmospheric dark metal

Dzo-nga – The Sachem’s Tales (Avantgarde Music) – black metal

Entrench – Through the Walls of Flesh (I Hate Records) – thrash metal

Ereb Altor – Ulfven (Hammerheart Records) – epic doom metal

Formicarius – Black Mass Ritual (Scwarzdorn Production) – symphonic black metal

Gateway to Hell – Clovers, EP (Unholy Anarchy Records) – doom metal

GlerAkur – The Mountains Are Beautiful Now (Prophecy Productions) – post metal

Hogan’s Goat – S/T (Independent) – rock

Impiedoso – Reign In Darkness (Independent) – black metal

INTRCPTR – I (Magic Bullet Records) – desert stoner rock

Judd Madden – Cosmic Black Wizard Demon Horse Lord (Independent) – doom metal

Miracle Drug – How Much Is Enough (WAR Records) – hardcore

Nuen Welten – The Sea I’m Diving (Prophecy Productions) – dark folk

Orden Ogan – Gunmen (AFM) – power metal

Pathology – S/T (Comatose Music) – brutal death metal

Poseiden – Prologue (Ripple Music) – rock and doom

Prospekt – The Illuminated Sky (Sensory Records) – tech power metal

Soul Remnants – Ouroboros ( eOne/LifeBlood) – death metal

Vindkast – Archaic Collapse, Reissue (Avantgarde Music) – black metal

Violet Cold – Anomie, Cassette (Tridroid/Folkvangr) – atmospheric black metal

Zaraza – Spasms of Rebirth (Independent) – experimental sludge/doom

Zarthas – Reflections (WormHoleDeath) – prog/rock/metal

– Josh

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