Donuts & CANTO: Dio, Zao, Orange Goblin and more!

ronnie james dio image

July 28, 2017

Good morning, it’s time to metal. Here’s some news you might have missed from the last couple of days:

    • Leading off…goddammit, the rumored Dio hologram tour is for real. Dates are here. Just know that if you go, I will hate you. And not out of jealousy.

    • I know there are a few Zao fans in our ranks — well, y’all will be thrilled to hear that their whole “long wait between albums” days are behind them. Guitarist/vocalist Scott Mellinger revealed that the band has a new EP in the works, with another full-length not far behind. Sweet!
    • Good news for Orange Goblin fans — the band’s begun work on their next album! Bad news — they’re still only in the writing stages, so we’re probably a year off from this at least.
    • I mean, I can’t be totally sure about this, but judging by Gilead Media head Adam Bartlett’s latest Instagram post, it sure seems like Migration Fest 2018 is heading to Pittsburgh? If so, HOLY SHIT this just became infinitely more feasible for me.
    • There’s a new group called Silvertomb, comprising former members of Type O NegativeAgnostic Front and more. They don’t have any official tunes out yet, but there is a two-minute…video thing…that, I guess, passes for a trailer for their existence? God, I hate marketing.
    • Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson will be releasing his memoirs, titled What Does This Button Do?, in October. Knowing Bruce’s history with Maiden, sense of humor, etc., this will surely be required reading.
    • Devil You Know have changed their name to Light the Torch. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait and see whether they’ve also changed their quality from “pretty much lame” to “remotely listenable.” (Not likely.)
    • I guess Myrkur‘s on the “release as many songs as possible from my album before it actually comes out” bandwagon now, too, because hey! Here’s another new one, called “Ulvinde.” It is quite Myrkury.
  • And finally, speaking of new songs, Ne Obliviscaris have a new one, too. Check out “Intra Venus” below:

The band’s new album, Urn, drops in October via Season of Mist. Anyway, that’ll do it for now — enjoy your weekends and check back soon for our next edition!

Keep it heavy,

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