Concert Review: Neurosis, Converge, Amenra, 8.6.2017 – Part II


To (briefly) recap, Nine Circles’ Admin managed to catch the Boston round of the immense Amenra/Converge/Neurosis tour. The coverage of that show has been broken into three parts, which will be published over three days. If you missed out on Part I click here to catch up. As they say, onward march. With this part we focus on Boston’s own, Converge.

Up next, and coming from a different angle of metal, was hometown favorites, Converge. You could tell from the crowd’s reaction this was not only a homecoming for the band but the electricity emanating from the venue said this was a band with much respect from their fans. The band’s set was mostly made up of material from You Fail Me all the way up to their most recent EP I Can Tell You About Pain. Tracks like “Dark Horse,” “All We Love We Leave Behind” and “Cutter” were absolutely electrifying. As fast and vicious as the band is on recorded media, nothing can touch their live performance. They sounded amazing and were as tight as I’ve ever heard, ripping from one track to the next with ease.

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By the time new track “Eve” came around it gave everyone, including the band, a well-earned and much needed moment to catch their breath and relax for a moment. But it was short lived respite as they closed with the one-two knockout punch of “Concubine” and “Jane Doe” and it literally sounded and felt like the venue was about to split wide open. These tracks were on my wish list and it seemed that many more in attendance had the same ideals in mind. The crowd and the band lost their minds during these closing minutes and it was a perfect way to end a perfect set. Yet again, a headline worthy performance.

Stay tuned for part III.

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