Video Premier: Death on Fire – “American Scum”

Death on Fire - American Scum

We mentioned yesterday in Tim Kenefic’s Profile that Death on Fire has been cooking up some new material and today we are premiering a new video for their track “American Scum.” If the title doesn’t give it away, this is a scathing look at the high cost of the so called American Dream and just how we, as a nation, have all played a role in one form or another. The band’s mix of death and thrash metal here provide an unforgiving backdrop for the also unforgiving scenes contained in the video. Head inside to see and hear for yourself.

Harsh music for harsh times indeed. There’s nothing in the video that we can’t see by turning on the news or perusing social media so to say the images displayed come as a surprise would be weak at best. Kenefic gets his point across from start to finish here and whether you agree or disagree there’s no denying his vitriolic approach. We also see Kenefic as the multi-instrumentalist he is, bouncing from guitar to bass to screaming vocals with ease. He studied music and played with a guitar ensemble for four years making him a musical threat no matter what instrument he chooses to employ so check out the rest of their offerings at the links below.

Preorders for this track and band subscription info can be found on their Bandcamp page. To keep up with all things Death on Fire stay tuned to their Facebook page.

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