Blood Red: Hoop-Tober 4.0 – Week Five/Six

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After a week away we’re back with another round up of horror movies as part of the ongoing Hoop-Tober horror marathon.  I won’t lie: I’m way behind on movie watching and reviewing as I hit more doctors and get more fatigued with this diet and medical regimen, but there’s still a quick look at five films, four of which I heartily recommend.  However, that courtesy does not extend to the abysmal and moronic Hostel Part II, which cannot escape the torture porn cliche initiated only a few years before by Eli Roth.  No such issues with stone cold classics The Bride of Frankenstein and Dawn of the Dead, however – it’s good to see films 80 and 40 years old still kick all kinds of ass to this day.  I found a lot to like in the clever and spooky Found Footage 3D, now exclusively on Shudder, and was able to smother myself in nostalgia and warm goodness watching the Hammer hit Brides of Dracula.

Recaps after the break, so let’s sharpen our blades and dig in…  

hostel part II

Was HOSTEL PART II supposed to turn the “franchise” on its head? All it really did for me was pretty much write Eli Roth off as a filmmaker I have any interest following. It’s a movie that aims for irony but really just falls into another kind of cliche. (full review here)


You know why BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN is a classic? Watch the way Karloff moves between innocence, rage, and child-like curiosity as the Monster. Watch how James Whale perfectly controls the camera through graceful, sweeping pans across rooms. Check out the peculiar subtext lying within Ernest Presiger’s performance as Dr. Pretorius. Elsa Lancaster both in performance and in exquisite makeup courtesy of Jack Pierce…all combine for a classic of cinema and horror. (full review here)

dawn of the dead poster

So many people in horror – both those who work within the zombie genre and outside it – owe George Romero a HUGE debt for what he brought to the table time and time again in his films. DAWN OF THE DEAD combines chilling horror, social commentary, legitimate and intentional humor, and enough gore to please any horror fan seeing it then and almost 40 yeas later. (full review here)

found-footage-3D poster

Am I on record as not being a fan of found footage movies? I should probably say I’m not a fan of bad movies, because when done right, with affection and unique ideas and a healthy dose of humor you can do it, and do it right. Just ask FOUND FOOTAGE 3D. (full review here)

brides of dracula poster

There’s a feel to Hammer’s 60s films, particularly their vampire films, that just gets into the heart of me. BRIDES OF DRACULA continues that trend, doing so without Christopher Lee but keeping the always awesome Peter Cushing in a film with more than a few striking moments and one of the best vampire endings I’ve seen in a movie. (full review here)


That’s it for this week.  Tuesday is Halloween and I’ve got at least six films left to watch and review before then.  Will I do it?  CAN I do it?  Only the next few days will tell, my friends…

Until then, keep it Blood Red.



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